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At long last, it’s been announced that PFCON has not skipped the year of our Bin, 2020. It will convene as a virtual livestream event to coincide with the release of Netflix’s War for Cybertron Earthrise series airing at 2AM CST on Wednesday Dec 30. The livestream is apparently invite only and starts at 10PM CST on Tuesday the 29th. More details can be found at


Yes, it appears that just this morning the listing for the PFCON2020 exclusive action figure has gone live! You can find the listing at the event sponsor Collecticon Toys. Let’s take a look:

Two decos, oh my!

This year’s figure is none other than Transformers fan extraordinaire Deceptigtar! Who is he? What’s with the two heads? Does this mean there’s going to be a Chicagocon combiner? Answers to all this and more can be found within the pages of this year’s event comic, Crusades of the Chicagocons Volume 4: Duality of Chicagocon drawn and written by Transfomers sage and fart maker @robotswithcoffee.

Now that’s a pretty pictures.

It looks like a ton of fun to us! Enjoy PFCON 2020! Covid free for sure this year!