2016 Botcon Beast Megatron seems to be a shoe-in this year


Everyone is looking forward to this figure in the Botcon 2016 souvenir set!  See Botcon’s new video here.


Superior Sound available at RIPT today


These shirts: Superior. Any others: Inferior

Our good friends at RIPT Apparel have released yet another wonderful exclusive design by Chicago artist Atomic Rocket. If you what to rep “Kaon’s Original”, you can pick it up today for only $11!  Be careful though: hesitation will either make this more expensive or completely disappear since it will only be available until midnight CST!


“Superior Sound” in its full glory. Get it here!


Sins of the Wreckers 3 introduces us to Ostaros… if we haven’t already met him


Who are you?

Sins of the Wreckers issue 3 is out today and with it come more scrumptious mysteries. Mesothulas was exactly who we all thought he was, but his design is even cooler than one could’ve expected!

I don’t have a lot of time to speculate, but my original hunch that this smiley little bot was Hubcap seems to be incorrect.  The latest spark down the wire is suggesting… SPRINGER!!!!!!!!


“Sins of the Wreckers: An Origin Story”


More Botcon possibilities?



Botcon 2016 predictions – centerpiece figure possibility?


Could it be me?? YESssssss…..

So it’s time to start guessing what the potential figures could be for the upcoming Botcon 2016.  There is mention of a “center-piece” figure for the souvenirs that is not a Combiner Wars mold.  The other hint is that it required a new heead.

Could we possibly be getting access to the Japan-only remold of War for Cybertron Voyager Grilock as Beast Wars Megatron? Sure, maybe, but probably not.  He sure would make a good looking toy though to defeat Predacus!


Botcon Registration is live!

What are you waiting for?  Registration is live!  It was seemless!  The system WORKED!!  IT ONLY TOOK TEN YEARS TO GET IT RIGHT!!~!
Register here.


Sins of the Wreckers Issue 3 iTunes preview – here are the details (spoilers)


Don’t even try to tell me these aren’t the same guy

Bombs are dropping!! For Prowl, this is more than just a figurative saying as we take a look into his past.  Nick Roche writes us back into the infancy of the big war with the Decepticons and borrows some nuggets from James Roberts well-weaved plot titled “Shadowplay”, part of More Than Meets the Eye. There was lots of deception going on back then, and the Autobots and the corrupt senate were right in the thick of it.  The recent characterization of Prowl is coming to head as we learn more and more about the skeletons in his 7 million year-old closet.

We finally get a look at Mesothulas, Prowl, and one very conspicuous and silent bot which I am going to go ahead and call out as pre-war Hubcap.  Here he is:


Oh don’t mind creepy old me.

A new theory appears!

Mesothulas could potentially be a combination of BOTH Sideways and Tarantulas.  Funpub pre-Beast Wars Tarantulas was a motorcycle after all, and the character we see here definitely has bike parts.  The head sculpt seems to feature aspects of of both of Armada Sideways’ heads as well as the mutant heads from the toy of Tarantulas and Blackarachnia, as indicated below.


Images totally ganked from

Is the excitement building for you? Is Mesothulas going to be IDW’s Tarantulas, Sideways, or something… else?  Hopefully we learn more in the short wait for issue 3!  THIS Collecticon is sure looking forward to it.

Check out the 3 page preview here.



Botcon 2016 Tripedacus figure combined mode revealed



I am more impressive than you expected!

Wow!  Botcon 2016 is coming soon and we got a very early reveal of the final figure of Tripredacus.  There was a lot of naysaying regarding the overly red color scheme.  Shame on us of little faith!  This Collecticon must admit the result is great!  Lots of cool paint apps.

It’s also worth noting that this is the first time in Botcon or Funpub history where a mold is released as a Botcon exclusive PRIOR to being released at retail.  I’m talking about the drill tank which will later become a piece of Liokaiser and Computron.

Great work Funpub!  We’ll miss ya!


Titans Return Leaderclass Headmaster Soundwave with Soundblaster revealed


Operation: Head On!

Whelp, the cat’s finally out of the bag.  We are getting a retool of Titans Return Blaster in the form of Headmaster Titans Return Soundwave!  Here is the main box art that will be used for this figure.  Image by Hasbro.


The least shocking surprise of 2016 – Michael Bay directing Transformers 5

Strange enough, the world received confirmation of Michael Bay’s involvement with Transformers 5 via a Rolling Stone interview about 13 Hours.  As if we didn’t already know.

And then there’s this quote from the article: “It’s not good when I’m not involved.”

What an asshole.