G1-deco movie dinobots look awesome

Compared to his flamboyant buddies, Grimlock looks pretty G1-schemed! – Photo by

The movie dinobots are growing on me.  The photograph above makes me realize just how closely Grimlock is in colorscheme to his G1 self.  The colors have been thrown around int he washing machine a bit, but compared to the bright red of Scorn and Purple of Slug, he appears a little bit retro.  What really got me going was the recent reveal of the G1-version of Slag that is coming out in Japan for the 30-year expo.  This thing is going to be HOT and the deco looks so good I want to cry.  Sure the mass-appeal might not be there but collectors are going to salivate for this guy.  The red horns and robot head mean that the Canadian version of Slag is bound to shoot up 300% in value.  Clutch them tightly, Collecticons…


It may only be released in Japan, but it’s the Candian variant, bitchezzz!


Transformers rockin’ out


This group is actually a band. Coming to a TFcon near you? I’d sure hope so.

I just thought it might be appropriate to point out previous incarnations of Transformers in the music world.  Although I’m not the first to point it out, this Canadian group “The Cybertronian Spree” is fascinating. Check out a video of them performing here:


Revoltech Optimus in the house


A band that should exist –


The Auto-band


A great representation of Animated Soundwave by Blitz-Wing


Collecticon is back online


Decided to spruce up the joint

Aaaaaand we’re back in business folks.  Just in time for Botcon!


The wall of primes is still up, shocker!


Autobot Megatron – I never thought I’d see the day! SPOILERS!


Nothing strange here!

I’m not usually one that cares about spoilers.  I’ve had so many endings ruined for me that I just quit caring.  My friends get angry because they say I in turn spoil things for them, which I can understand, but in the end it’s only a story.

Today was profound though.  For the first time in an awfully long time, something was spoiled for me in Transformerland and I was just super shocked.  I was even warned!  This revelation was so jarring that I think I actually yelled out when I saw it.  The whole thing came in a promotional image that was revealed by IDW today, which you may see below IF YOU DARE!  Being a promotional image, I’m kind of shocked that they released this during the mid point of the story of Dark Cybertron, but the cat is already out of the bag.

So will our upcoming announced Leader Generations Megatron sport an alternative symbol?  Let’s hope so.  Sure, Prime has been evil plenty of times but one thing I never thought I’d EVER see was Megatron sporting the Autobot symbol.

My guess is that a new paradigm shift will occur with Transformers and for the first time ever, perhaps faction lines will be crossed indefinitely.  Perhaps they will no longer identify as Autobots or Decepticons and just become Cybertronians.  It really has to cross over to the toys for it to have any lasting impact, and here’s hoping that it does.


Is it a spoiler if the company manning the steering wheel shows it?


Generation 1 Nightbeat was a Porsche!


Private eye

I may be stating the obvious to many but it finally donned on me that G1 Nightbeat was originally a Porsche-like vehicle.  So that was probably the reasoning behind the Generations Jazz mold redeco.  Just thought I’d share.


Any toy is an improvement over this


The disappointment, the despair, the reveal of Generations Nightbeat and Jhiaxus


The image seen ’round Cybertron

Today I awoke to see the announcement that pictures had been shown for Generations Jhiaxus and Nightbeat, and some other stupid character that shall remain nameless on this blog.  As unfortunately guessed by many-a-transfan, Jhiaxus has little to do with his unique comic appearance and instead has adopted Armada Starscream’s frame with a strangely bizarre color scheme homaging an original bizarre color scheme.  It’s hard to tell from this very tiny image, but the head sculpt at least appears to be pretty neat.  Also, this gives the possibility for alternative mold Armada seekers like Skywarp and Ramjet.

What’s even more disappointing is the lack of a new mold for Nightbeat.  It was kind of a given that Nightbeat would end up being a redeco of someone, but Jazz was a bit of a surprise.  While the mold is just about flawless, the choice just seems a bit forced.  This custom shown below is much more scrumptious.

There’s still some hope that these mock ups are just that, and not indicative of the final toys… but let’s get real.  This is what we’re getting.  Nightbeat even had remolded speakers!  What could they be?  Like usual, time will tell.


Someone got a clue!


Not perfect but still seems a little more legit.


Transformers Masterpiece Wheeljack silhouette teaser re-touched


Lookin’ good Jacky-boy

Is everyone ready for a happy new year?  I apologize for being gone for so long but oooooh boy, this Collecticon has been BIZZAY!!  So ready for a new year of Masterpiece Transformers!  Enjoy this re-leveled Wheeljack silhouette for now



Sweet new Bumble-Tees from RIPT Apparel today only

Cool t-shirts

Two slick TF tees available today

Just thought I’d put the word out that RIPT Apparel has some shirt designs that might be relevant to your interests today.  These designs feature versions of the lovable Generation 1 Bumblebee and might be great gifts for that little transfan in all of us.  They are available for $10 a piece until midnight CST tonight! Check them out now!


Transformers 4 videos from Chicago

Filmed these yesterday in Chicago!  More coming soon.


Here are the cars driving away:


Botcon 2013 Machine Wars Optimus Prime custom – The Machine Wars toys you were expecting but didn’t get


He makes having lips look good

Sure, Hubcap is missing his head. I wish I knew who made these, that Machine Wars Optimus is simply awesome.

Edit: It was Cheetimus