TakaraTomy MP-M01 Masterpiece ROTF Movie Starscream

TakaraTomy Masterpiece Movie Starscream

The letters WTF don't seem to have weight anymore...

This sure has been a strange year for Transformers and it just got a wee bit stranger today when TFsource announced the sale of the first Movie Masterpiece figure – ROTF Leader Starscream.  Apparently, TakaraTomy is fond of this figure, as they should be, and feel it requires special distinction amongst it’s fellow toys.

So now we have our first Masterpiece figure that has seen a wide release as a non-masterpiece figure.  The new designation, MP-M#, means that the Masterpiece line could branch out into many various splinters now.

So this version of Starscream comes ‘clear skinned’ and apparently has no tattoos, even though the boxart says otherwise.  Since I am a Starscream nut, I already preordered this from TFsource.  2010, how I curse thee!

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