Hey guys, DOTM Black Jetwing Optimus Prime was announced back in February 2011 – Nightwatch Jetwing finally released

Black Jetwing Optimus Prime

We knew about this before the red version

Here’s a lesson in having a good memory.

Way back before we had The Asia Market Exclusive Black Optimus Prime (which TFW2005 is annoyingly referring to as fucking Scourge), way back before we had the original Jetwing Optimus Prime, way back before we even had a released ‘Transformers Dark of the Moon’ movie, we were seeing solicitations for a black Jetwing Prime figure.  The original version also gave us our first look at Optimus Prime’s redesigned abs.  This black version was supposed to be given away via raffle, much like the Famimart toys from 2010.

TakaraTomy Black Jetwing Optimus Prime

That's shiney

So today everyone has their robo-panties in a bunch about the ‘newly revealed’ TakaraTomy Black repaint of Jetwing Prime with, GASP, chome parts!  This upgrade doesn’t come for free, however.  The asking price from Robotkingdom is $195.50, PLUS shipping.  That’s a lot of money for Chrome!  Those red windows sure look cool though.

So it appears that this Prime will be even more expensive than the black one from the last movie.  Fine with me, these are big boy toys after all.  Happy hunting, there are only 10 left in stock at Robotkingdom at the time of this post!

Black Jetwing Optimus Prime truck

Chrome weapons!

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