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Botcon 2012 convention exclusive speculation – Black Convoy, Junkions, and more

Black Convoy

Found a digibash I made last year, I think I like this other one I found better

Well now we know what we’re getting in the Botcon 2012 boxset, but that just isn’t enough!!! It’s time to bite your nails and wag your tails because we are now going to wildly speculate on the additional exclusive toys to be offered at this year’s Botcon 2012!!!

Botcon 2012 exclusive junkions

Good or evil? Let's hope for good.

3- Junkion troop builder
Since we seem to get troop builder sets each year, I’m going for broke and assuming we’ll get some new Junkion decos this year. Everyone wants them! Maybe they’ll even be EVIL junkions?!

Shattered Glass Black Ironhide

Ol' Ironhide's gonna pull through nicely.

2- Shattered Glass Evil Ironhide from classics Ironhide

Gotta re-use that mold right?  A black Ironhide would be pretty sweet, and he’s shown up in the comic a time or two.  Or even Ratchet instead?

Black Convoy from Car Robots

Who is this Scourge asshole I keep hearing about?

1- Black Convoy from G2 Optimus Prime
This is so obviously going to happen that I shouldn’t even need to mention it. Will it be shattered Glass or straight up classics? I’m hoping for Classics instead of some weird Shattered Glass spin. There would be so many levels of double-negative that the toy might turn out bright yellow.

The only other speculation I can make at this point are molds that should / could be used.  RTS Jazz, Universe Galvatron, Classics Tankor… these are all molds that haven’t been repurposed by Hasbro yet, except for Galvatron coming out as another version of Galvatron.  There is also the Powerglide mold which Botcon has yet to use, but I’d put my money on Silverbolt before the latter.  And don’t forget about those Cybertronian War for Cybertron molds…

The future is bright, let it shine until 2012!!!!


Prepare for Generations RID Black Convoy or Scourge

Transformers Generations Nemesis Prime digibash

Always bet on black

It sure would be a HUGE SURPRISE if G2 Laser Prime’s new generations mold was repainted into Car Robots Black Convoy, now wouldn’t it? Boggles the mind…


Arise Sleepimus Prime – Masterpiece MP4S Sleep Convoy

Transformers Masterpiece MP4S Convoy Sleep Mode

By the Matrix!!

Talk a toy that was released to the sound of crickets. Masterpiece Convoy Sleep Mode’s release has come and gone like the other Transformers 2010 initial releases and really nothing much has been seen or heard of about the figure. Due to recent circumstances, my review of “Sleepy Prime” has been postponed for over a month!

My life is sort of back to normal so I was able to redo all the work I had done on the review and it will soon be featured on a TFsource Youtube channel near you!  Sorry for all the delays!


Optimii of a different feather – TakaraTomy EZ Collection 4 Elite Guard Autobots

Collecticon's TakaraTomy EZ Collection 4 Elite Guard autobots & Black Convoy

These guys must have just gotten back from the black hole in The Killing Jar

I just received two nice packages in the mail, one of which broke the record for fastest Ebay turnaround of all time! One is a loose Animated Black Convoy and the other consisted of 3 of the 8 TakaraTomy EZ Collection 4 figures. I snatched up an Elite Guard Optimus and Bumblebee, as well as the wacky gold painted Optimus. They look great! The Elite Guard Optimus is similar to the black and red version of Cybertron Optimus Prime.

Anyway, I decided to take this moment to share some of the eye candy with you all. I’ve not heard much about these figures yet so it’s nice to see them in the flesh!

Blog Tales from the Holiest of Holy Grails

The quest for Black Animated Optimus Prime Part 2: Madness in Kyoto

TakaraTomy Black Animated Convoy in the nega-flesh

TakaraTomy Black Animated Convoy in the nega-flesh. Photo by TFseesaa.net

The first chance to pick up Black Animated Convoy has come and gone.  Photos of the event where the figure was being sold can be seen at Japanese Transformer blog TF-Seesa (site is in Japanese).  This figure was originally expected to be incredibly limited to a total of 300.  This meant the value of the figure was expected to leave planetary orbit as soon as it left the proximity of the sales event.  However, this Collecticon was given a bit of a surprising update from an attendee of the sale:

From Bodhar:

I am officially done visiting the Takara/Tomy Museum near Kyoto.  It was a crazy event because it seems like such a small town wasn’t ready for us ravenous Transformer fans.  Instead of putting the toys behind the cash register, like past events in Tokyo, the toys were placed in the wide open.  There was an ensuing battle royale for the toys, with some Nemesis Primes getting damaged in the melee. I actually ended up at the bottom of the pile, but I did manage to get some quantity.  But that isn’t the good news…

The good news is that Takara/Tomy will hold one more event like this and a Takara/Tomy staff member said they will dramatically increase the stock at the next event.  This news means that it IS NOT only limited to 300, as previously stated by Takara/Tomy.  I didn’t get a direct answer about quantity, but she made it sound like it’ll be over 1000 pieces.

Apparently the event caused a few attendees to get into a scuffle over the figures!!!  How very un-Japanese-like!  It must have been to gaijins!  Also, the event has revealed that far more than the initial 300 figures will be sold in total.  Most likely there will 300 figures available at each event location meaning those that are really fiending for the black crack may find it easier to get their fix.

Hydra at the Transformers Museum in Kyoto, Japan

Oh hai Hydra. You blend in so well around these parts!


Dengeki Hobby announces MP4S Sleep Mode Convoy

2010 Sleep Mode Convoy featured in Dengeki Hobby magazine

Note the regular looking Megatron gun in this image

Hot off the trail of TakaraTomy’s official announcement of Sleep Mode Convoy, Dengeki Hobby has an exclusive look at this figure which shows the forearm communicator with a screenshot of Rodimus.

It looks to me like it’s the exact same image that is on MP-1B Black Convoy’s left arm. But since this is supposed to be the actual Convoy, who will appear on MP-4S’s right communicator since it was G1 Optimus Prime? Let the speculation begin!

Rodimus Prime on Black Convoy's arm communicator

Quit calling me collect, Rodimus!

Tales from the Holiest of Holy Grails

Tales from the Holiest of Holy Grails 01 – BT-17 Binaltech Black Convoy


Binaltech BT-17 Black Convoy

Takara Transformers Binaltech BT-17 Black Convoy

Black Convoy

We bring to you a teaser photo of one of the highest-price-increasing figures of the last 5 years – Takara BT-17 Black Convoy.  More to come soon.

Video Reviews

Masterpiece MP-1B Black Convoy video review

Just finished this and posted it to Youtube!  Enjoy the latest TF Source Video Review by yours truly!