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Transformers Ani-con 2008 Hong Kong Autobot & Decepticon box sets – TFTM holy grail

Transformers hong kong decepticon giftset

My precious!!!!!

Last year I was on a wild goose chase through the annals of TFW trying to hunt down a very rare and obscure set of boxsets from China – The Transformers Movie Ani-con 2008 Autobot and Decepticon Premium boxset. These were a very short release and each boxset featured a nice spread of figures from the first Transformers Movie. Most of the figures inside were premium versions of the Hasbro releases including Leader Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Jazz, Ironhide, and the standard Ratchet release. The Decepticons included all premium versions of Megatron, Starscream, Blackout, Barricade, and the regular release of Brawl. None of the figures in these sets were extremely notable, it was instead the uniqueness of the packaging which drew my eye.

Transformers Hong Kong Movie 1 giftsets

Cool foil-stamped and embossed packages

I found someone on the TFW2005 boards offering to sell the Decepticon set and I freaked out. It was one of those situations where no one immediately knew what the set was and if I swooped in quick enough, I may snag these gems at a lower-than-expected price point. My ambition got the better of me though after I struck a deal and swiftly paid the seller via Paypal gift, never to receive the packages.

Transformers Movie boxset packaging

They are beautiful as a set!

Long story short, I got screwed out of a good chunk of money, one of my worst losses in Transformers collecting history. Moral of that story? Be more cautious when you find very rare items you think may never find again – there’s always another chance.

My second chance came as a complete surprise when my good friend Deceptigtar surprised me out of the blue with a brand spankin’ new Autobot boxset!!

Transformers Autobot Giftset from Movie 1

Best friend ever!!!!!!!!

One of the more notable things about this set is the nicely embossed outer shell and the gift certificate featuring artwork by none other than PAT LEE?? Yes, post Dreamwave, Pat Lee was comissioned for some artwork specifically for this certificate of authenticity. What’s also strange is that it features the OLD head of Movie Megatron. A bizarre sight indeed.

Transformers Movie giftset certificate of authenticity drawn by Pat Lee

All kinds of crazy

Although Deceptigtar wrangled in both of the boxsets, he is of course keeping the Decepticon one. This just means that I shall live to fight another day and continue my search for the Decepticon version. That item is literally the last piece of my Movie 1 collection I need before I have it all, barring Lucky Draws. Trust me, that shit takes up a LOT of space…

Transformers decepticon movie boxset interior

Decepticons forever!


Encore cassette repaint identities revealed – GASP!

Transformers Encore Enemy Wingthing Nightstalker Stripes cassetticons

They share more than just weapons...

As indicated just a little bit ago, the cassette robot repaint is the first official transforming iteration of a character referred to as Enemy.  He was originally a Microchange-exclusive color scheme for Soundwave’s humanoid minion.

Serendipity stirkes again as the Ratbat repaint is identified as a transforming version of Soundwave’s Actionmaster partner, Wingthing!  How deliciously appropriate considering that’s been the most out-of-place minion for Soundwave yet.  Now he has a proper home in Soundblaster’s chest.

Onto the Autobots, which are a little more obscure.  (Really?  More obscure than that crap?)

The red Ravage is meant to be a character that only existed in pre-canon move draft lore.  His name is Stripes and he was replaced by Ramhorn in the final iteration of Transformers: The Movie.  Notice that he exchanges his weapons with the black version of Steeljaw known as…

NIGHTSTALKER!  This black Steeljaw is from the UK continuity of comics where Nightstalker and Ravage were originally buddies.  Soon enough though, Ravage turns to the dark side and becomes loyal to Megatron.  I had never, ever heard of this wacky shit.  I’m just not a comic guy I guess.

So what does this mean for collectors?  Well if you never had a Soundblaster or Twincast, I guess this is your shining moment because these two come with the greatest cassetticon accessories in history.  Do these figures stand up to the task?

“I will buy Soundblaster” says Cassetticon enthusiast Deceptigtar.  There you have it folks.



Collecticon defies the laws of Trans-physics – DOTM Street date break!

Target says no

The law of the land!

It was a beautiful thing when my buddy Deceptigtar decided to scout out the local Targets in Chicago armed with nothing but a few DCPI numbers and a thread of determination that only a true Collecticon can muster.

Target item scanner

Targets all around the country are currently stocking these things, like usual

What’s a DCPI # you may ask? This is a stock number used to classify products at Target. It is part of their inventory system. Typically what us snappy collectors try to do is use the DCPI #’s to determine whether a Target store has an item in stock or not. In the case of today’s bounty, the items were listed as in stock but not out on the shelf. At this point a variety of things may occur…

As for us, our plan of attack was the pleasant Customer Service desk. There we can give them the DCPI # and we can pray that the stock workers will locate the items and bring them hither. Our second attempt proved valiant as Leader Class Dark of the Moon cases were delicately placed in our clutches. The case box even stated that there was a street date for the toys, but alas, no one cared to notice!!!! $44.99 later, each of us were the proud owners of some Leader Class Dark of the Moon figs!

Collecticon Dark of the moon leader class figures at Target

Like shootin' fish in a cyber-barrel!

So now that my secrets have been revealed, I’m sure we will continue to pester Target employees en-masse as the May 16th street date nears. Every movie season, the same thing happens. The store managers get wind of this ridiculous phenomenon and do their best to quell the uprising. This is your time Collecticons, YOUR TIME! The treasure is yours for the taking, no go forth, and plunder!

Collecticon Leader Bumblebee MISB in Target store

So much work for such a stupid figure.

Thanks to TFormers for posting my espionage antics earlier this evening.


Two Girls One Kup

Two girls one kup


Photo by Deceptigtar

Featured Ebay Auctions

ATB Megatron and Starscream on Ebay – $5,500

Generation 2 Unreleased ATB Megatron and Starscream

It could be yours for $5,000

With Botcon 2010 revealing their Generation 2 themed boxset over the past few weeks, a lot of focus on Generation 2 figures and lore has been popping up. It really came to a head today when Deceptigtar showed me this auction for the very rare G2 ATB Megatron and Starscream set.

I have been trying to get my hands on one of these for a few years and two of them have slipped through my fingers during that time.  Now we have one publicly listed on Ebay for a whopping $5,500.

I don’t think I need to tell anyone that the price is absolutely ridiculous.  It also brings up a topic I’ve been wanting to cover for the past week or so: what is the most expensive Transformer ever, or even more specifically, is any Transformer worth more than $2000?

My reasonable offer was declined from the seller automatically, so the seller apparently believes his asking price is appropriate.  in the end, he price is set by what someone is willing to pay for it.  So Collecticons, are any of you willing to fork over $5,500 for some plastic parts in a sealed box?

Oh, it’s also nice to see that the seller isn’t expecting to inflate shipping charges on your $5,5000 purchase – it’s only $9 UPS!  HOW THOUGHTFUL!!