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Near complete collection of Star Wars Transformers MISB for sale on Ebay $.99 auctions!

Yep, I’m selling ALL my Star Wars Transformers. What a collection! They are all MISB and in perfect shape. All auctions starting but hopefully not ending at $.99. See them all here or click on the photo to go to the auction.


The big guy himself. Ready to go to a new home far, far away


Wow, the only BLUE version of the shitty Starfighter mold! GOTTA HAVE IT!


Who came up with this stuff?


I present, the SWTF Seeker clones!


Get these mother fuckin’ Starfighters, out of my mother fuckin’ collection!


Hey, Obi-Wan, you’re back!


This one is the only cool version of these star fighters, but you can have them all!


Apparently, this one is rare? Coulda fooled me!




The Last Starfighter!


This is possibly the worst transforming toy of all time, ALL TIME!


The blue one


This one was actually decent and made sense


Everyone has to have a starfighter don’t they?


The red version


… and blue


…and red again


and blue again


Easy to make clones, huh?


WOW! The commander! Whoopee!!!


El Capitan!


Another clone, I assume??


Luke, I am your speeder!


The actually good version.


This toy sucks


I’m hoping this one is better than the Darth Vader one


The most saught after of all of these toys


Me cool character, die quick.


And finally, the old man.


Soundwave toys for sale on Ebay – $.99 start price auctions

Everybody loves Raymond, but even more people like Soundwave! See all the potential versions of him you can get from my $.99 cent auctions! Wheee! Click a photo to get to the particular auction.


The first reissue, but definitely not the last. Christ…


Wingthing has grown in popularity ever since they made him into Ratbat


He just a lil’ guy!


Here’s the grown up version of Cybertron Soundwave


… and here’s the expensive grown-up version of Soundwave


… and the black version of THAT!


The cute version of our silent killer


The coolest Soundwave, no matter what you Botcon whiners say.


Extra Starscream figures I have for sale on Ebay starting at $.99

Here are some of my prize possession Starscreams for you to purchase from me starting at $.99. Did it really hurt that much to relinquish them? No, because these are my doubles, and in some cases, triples! hahahah!
Click on the photos to get to the auctions and happy bidding!


The first of many reboots. This is over 5 years old now!


Remember when everyone bitched about it being Green? Well now they bitch because they dont’ have one so suck it.


Pretty much the biggest Transformer ever, except now they are making another Metroplex.


The figure that everyone will want years from now and wonder why it’s so expensive to get. haha suckers.




Transformers Bumblebee auctions starting at $.99

Here are a ton of Bumblebee figures that are currently up for auction on Ebay starting at $.99.  See them all here or click on the image to go to the auction.


A rare South American treat – Red Antex Argentina Bumblebee Mint on Sealed Card!


The one, the only, G1 BUMBLEBEE!!!!


For the BB enthusiasts out there


You shouldn’t have missed it the first time!


What a cute little guy


…and a figure everyone already has 103095039 of


Transformers Shockwave items for sale on Ebay

Transformers G1 Generation 1 Shockwave good hose MIB


Holy grail to some, old junker to most, desired by everyone


Transformers Robot Heroes G1 Grimlock Shockwave MISB


And a little less desirable…


Transformers Mighty Muggs G1 Shockwave MISB


This guy is super cool, includes hose!


Transformers WST Justitoys Shockwave Military Operation Commander MISB 3rd party


Where did the 3rd Party go??


Alternators 12 Shockblast Shockwave MISB Red Mint in Sealed Box


Shockwave, the car


Transformers Binaltech BT-13 Laserwave Shockwave MISB


This is, in my opinion, the coolest and most valuable thing on this list. HEAVY!


Transformers Takara Superlink SD14 Laserwave Shockwave MISB




Transformers G1 Action Master Shockwave w Fistfight MOSC sealed


Lots of action here


179 Transformers Ebay auctions just listed by Diablien – tons of good figures


Click the image to get to the awesome auctions

I just spent a whole week preparing 179 auctions and over 600 photographs of over 200 items.  There are a few more to come but they have all be listed as of 1:00 AM CST Monday April 22.

Apparently, as always, Ebay has changed their policies a bit.  They no longer want any text in their images so that sucks, but that doesn’t go into effect until July of 2013 so I’m in the clear.

Overall, I plan for this batch to be my highest yield ever in my history of sell-offs.  Let’s hope I’m right… to the tune of 5 digits!


Top 10 greatest and most important events in Transformers fiction history – part 1

10- Sentinel Prime turns on the Autobots – Transformers Dark of the Moon

10 Sentinel Prime kills Ironhide dark of the moon

Cosmic Rust makes its mainstream return!

Bringing up the rear of the pack comes one of the more recent events occurring in Transformers: Dark of the Moon.  Sentinel Prime had been billed as an “great” good guy and mentor to Optimus Prime by Micheal Bay and the villain of the film had been pegged as the evil Shockwave, to the delight of one-eye fans.  Little were we to suspect that Sentinel Prime would betray the Autobots at a key moment of the film and kill the much beloved Ironhide.  In some versions of the script, he was meant to kill the Autobot twins, Mudflap and Skids, but this didn’t make it into the film.

The moment has a bit of emotional impact due to Ironhide’s decomposition into rust, but this is not touched upon in the film after it happens even once!  This is Optimus Prime’s right-hand man that’s dead here, and we don’t hear a thing about for the remainder of the film.  The plot of the film tries to convince us that this betrayal was many, many years in the making between Sentinel and Megatron but after piecing the plots of all 3 films together, there is just no way this makes sense.  Ultimately, the movie takes a sudden dark turn after this event and the siege and resultant destruction of Chicago is a direct result of Sentinel Prime’s allegiance with Megatron.

For non-super fans and people avoiding spoilers, this event was most likely a major twist in the Transformers movie plot.  Fans digging for any information on the film most likely knew the twist was coming before they saw the film, and so this event was at least a bit predictable.  The film’s marketing department did a pretty good job of keeping a lid on Sentinel’s Decepticon ties though so this event should receive notable mention in this top ten.

9- Overlord discovered to be prisoner of the Lost Light – Transformers: More Than Meets The eye

9 Overlord discovered in the cargo of the lost light more than meets the eye

Just been hangin' around!

Is this the golden age for Transformers comics?  I’ll put my energon on “yes” and usher in the most recently occurring event in this top ten from the last page of Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye issue 6.  In this final panel of the book, we have an upset Red Alert peaking through wall’s crack, discovering very top-secret cargo near the bottom of the Autobots’ ship.  Unexpectedly, we discover the lethal Decepticon Overlord is being held incapacitated, and clearly against his will.  Overlord has always had an almost mythic role in the minds of Transformers fans.  He had a large base-bot toy that has never been available in the United States.  His toy commands high prices worldwide and he finally received serious characterization in the highly-acclaimed “Last Stand of the Wreckers” comic book, in which he was the main antagonist and displayed a level of sadism that was new to Transformers.

We have not seen him since his near-death at the hands of Springer during the climax of “Last Stand of the Wreckers.”  Many had anticipated his return in “More Than Meets the Eye,” but the eventual reveal in issue 6 created intense excitement as well as more questions than it answered.  Who put him there?  Does anyone aboard the ship (other than Red Alert) know he is there? Who rebuilt him (last we saw, he was missing limbs and all but skeletal)?

This issue was followed up with the introduction of the very dangerous Decepticon Justice Division, whom has Overlord at the top of this hit-list.  Having recently discovered traces of Overlord’s energy signature, the DJD is en-route to meet up with our heroes aboard the Lost Light, which we’re all assuming will culminate with deaths, explosions, and utter insanity.

Although the story has not yet been told in full, readers have been biting their nails with anticipation for what Overlord’s discovery could mean and the comic has been in free-fall mode ever since.  It remains to see what the outcome of his presence, but no one was expecting everyone in this comic to come out alive.

8- Forest battle – Transformers Revenge of the Fallen

8 Transformers Movie Revenger of the Fallen forest scene

He'll take you all on!

It’s hard to claim that any of the events in Revenge of the Fallen deserve to be on this list, but if I had to pick one highlight from the entire movie franchise, it is definitely the forest battle where Optimus Prime takes on Megatron, Starscream and a Blackout clone.  After discussing with many fans, this is THE SCENE from the entire movie franchise that made allowing Michael Bay to have his way with us worth it.

I have to wonder though if there may be some sort of generation gap involved with the importance of this scene.  Do young transformers fans choose a different battle scene?  Would the highway battle from movie 1 stand out as more epic in their minds?  Did the initial transformation of Barricade while interrogating Sam have more “WOW” factor?  Hard to say, since I was not able to view these movies with fresh eyes.  To me, as a long-time surveyor of Optimus and Megatron battles, this took the cake for battle scenes and my overall excitement level was at its highest during my first viewing of what we all have come to call the Forest Battle.

The sense of scale of this scene probably took a cue or two from The End of Evangelion, and who else loved Optimus hitting Megatron with a tree?  Such bliss.  It even culminated in the apparent death of Optimus Prime, and our first look at Cybertronian loose teeth.  But more on that later…

7- Return of Megatron – Transformers Animated

7 Megatron returns iN Transformers Animated

Transform and RISE UP!

One thing that was absent from most of the start of Transformers Animated was the Decepticons, and most importantly Megatron.  The method the writers chose to tell the Animated story was somewhat unique to Transformers: the main antagonists were human villains.  This was changed significantly during Season 2 and 3 though, when Hasbro realized they weren’t planning to sell toys for the villains.  The big payoff at the end of season 1 of Transformers Animated was the triumphant return of Megatron as a dual-blade helicopter.  The scene was dark and many thought that Megatron had murdered Professor Sumdac during his metamorphosis from a immobile head and body to a full-fledged warrior of destruction.  We later learned that Megatron was keeping Sumdac as some sort of pet, but it took the break until the next season to discover that.

After a full season of an incapacitated Megatron, seeing him come to life was incredibly satisfying and set the tone for the rest of the run of the show.  The Decepticons were completely over-powered compared to the Autobots and the return of their leader signified a heavy sense of dread that the Autobots themselves must have felt.  Voiced by Corey Burton, the original voice of Shockwave, we now had our first good look at a new style of Megatron that no one dared to challenge, that is except the immortal all-spark-infused Starscream.

All in all, the arrival of Megatron showed that Animated had a lot more to offer than just being a kids’ show.  Definitely the most anticipated and ultimately game-changing event of the series, Megatron’s return reminded us to never underestimate his devious and manipulative demeanor, even if he is lying around the room in pieces.

6- Ultra Magnus takes off his armor – Transformers Dreamwave

6 White Ultra Magnus

They took the brother at arms thing all the way

Compared to where Transformers comics have gone most recently, it’s almost sacrilege to give praise of any kind to the Dreamwave comics run of the early 2000’s.  The Dreamwave era was something Transformers fans had devoured instantly but years later, it’s easy to see where they feel short on many levels.  The art is still one of the great successes of the company’s uses of the Transformers comic license, but even that has its critics.

There was one major plot point that had a resounding impact for the fandom and that was the finale of the second volume of Dreamwave’s G1 series.  During this pivotal moment, Ultra Magnus removes his battle armor and reveals in canon for the first time that he is a white clone of Optimus Prime.  He then attempts to thwart Shockwave, who has already activated the matrix, and evidently doomed Cybertron after inadvertently sending some sort of beacon to a previously dormant Unicron.  It’s a shame that we’ll never know the true outcome of this event since the comics were never fully resolved due to Dreamwave’s demise.

The impact for this was a legitimization of the white Optimus Prime figure included with the G1 Ultra Magnus toy.  Many a young transfan had made up their own reasons for the white Prime figure during make believe battles.  Now for the first time, the white prime was not just being swept under the rug but being celebrated and revered.  Magnus essentially saves Optimus Prime and redeems his previous deeds from the previous five issues.  The scene had nostalgia value, great art, and made for one heck of a wrap-around comic cover.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this article!


Off to Ebay again…

Old Aliens from Dark Horse Comics

Now maybe you know part of where the name "Diablien" comes from...

I just got finished taking a ton of ebay photographs tonight, thank God! I cannot wait to get rid of some of these figures. There is some decent stuff here too. A bit of vintage G1, Japanese Animated rarities, and TONS of Botcon stuff. So keep your eyes peeled to Ebay User Diablien to see the swath of stuff appear. I want the auctions to end Sunday so it will probably begin tomorrow.


Pixelated Decepticon Insignia

Hand-made pixelated Decepticon Insignia

Real life pen ink!

This is what happens when you are trying everything you can to not fall flat asleep in a development meeting.

Yeah, I totally messed up the eyes. Whoopsie! All from memory though.


Belated Botcon 2010 online registration to cost $10 EXTRA

Botcon 2010 scoorge disney-label Donald

Botcon 2010 Disney-Label exclusive Scoorge McDuck remold! - additional illustrative help from Professor Smooth

Before you dig into this post, I find it necessary to make a few things clear. I am not attending Botcon 2010 this year, I never planned to. However, as an active overseer and participant in the Transformers collecting community, I have been paying close attention to the events and issues surrounding our once-a-year convention. I completely realize that the Transformers Collector Club is an entity created for the entertainment and benefit of those that are willing to participate, and no one is forcing anyone to participate. However, being that Botcon is the only officially sanctioned Hasbro convention, they have a bit of a monopoly on the market and as such, have a responsibility to the fans it consists of. That being said, the following is a completely editorial commentary and should be considered as such. I have no inside knowledge of how Fun Publications or the Transformers Collector Club operates on a day to day basis, and my assertions are made purely from observation.

Botcon 2010 Registration ot yet available

I stood by and watched the clock tick down to less than 60 days before the June 24th convention date without the typical registration announcement.

I stood by, amused, when the announcement that the belated online registration system required voluntary user-testing from the very people it is intended to placate. Very classy.

But I will not just stand by and let Fun Publications suck more and more money from the very people it is exists to placate to without speaking my mind a bit.

Anyone that signed up for the “mock registration” at Botcon may have noticed a registration fee that will be added to any registration conducted via the online system.

I’m sorry, was that $10 more to cover the club’s own additional operating costs? Don’t we already pay processing fees in the form of our $40 per year membership?

As a business owner, I am appalled. If I were to implement new procedures and processes to conduct my business in a more efficient manner, it would be the responsibility of myself and my business to pay the overhead involved with said additions, not the responsibility of my customers.

Essentially, the Botcon folks are having us, the members of the club, cover the club’s own expenses to get the online system running, which is late, unfinished, and a complete mess. Not only that, so far we have not yet been offered the chance to even apply via the fax forms. Any sort of stream-lining addition to workflow will increase productivity and efficiency for the people running it. If this is going to save a lot of time for the Botcon registration workers, why is this costing the attendees more money? If anything, Botcon should be eating the cost themselves as it should make their staff’s workload a little lighter.

And while we’re at it, the Primus Package is even more expensive this year at $305 for club members versus $275 last year. So now it’s going to cost Primus Package attendees $315 + travel + hotel + attendee packages. All you ‘scalpers’ better hope the market for fluorescent plastic goes through the roof this summer…

The Botcon people should be ashamed of themselves for the way the registration process has been handled thus far. Whomever was hired to create this online registration system is taking the club for a ride, and in turn, the fans as well. I am incredibly grateful to not be attending the convention this year because it would just leave an even nastier taste in my mouth. Had your online registration fee been more acceptable, say $1, this rant may have been avoided.

To those of you that are now at the mercy of the club, I hope all of this back and forth ends up being worth it and you have a delightful Botcon experience. Let’s hope for better in 2011, Fun Pub… Oh, the toys look great, I’ll at least give you that.

Scrooge McDuck enjoys Botcon 2010 in Disney World

Could it be that Scoorge McDuck is really pulling the strings at Botcon in Disney World this year?