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Transform and prosper – Leonard Nimoy returns to Transformers as Sentinel Prime

Leonard Nimoy to voice Sentinel Prime in Dark of the Moon

This is bad comedy

There has been a lot of voice-acting news recently!

Unlike a false news story that came up last year regarding War For Cybertron, Leonard Nimoy is indeed returning to the Transformers franchise.  This is quite exciting as its another throwback to the original 1985 Animated Movie.  This news comes from a post by Entertainment Weekly where Michael Bay discusses how Mr. Nimoy became involved and his relationship with him.

I for one, am happy to see him come back!  Bring on Dark of the Moon!


Mystery moon robot is Sentinel Prime – inside Ark

Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon Sentinel Prime face

Yay, more canon-defying characters enter the fray.

Mystery solved! The yellow robot from the movie moon trailer turned out to be Sentinel Prime after all. A new article from Entertainment Weekly give us a ton of information regarding the crashed ship on the moon, which turns out to be the Ark after all.

I really am not excited that these characters that are more recent additions to the fiction are becoming so important.  The Fallen was not important enough to be in the last movie, and now we have the defunct Dreamwave Production’s Sentinel Prime becoming a prominent figure in the final Transformers film.  Plus they’re gonna kill Starscream… at least the latest trailer looks promising.  Countdown to July!