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Hasbro Generations 3.0 Thundercracker lives – fake

Transformers Generations Classics Thundercracker

Icy blue to further chill even the coldest of collectors' hearts

Some said it would never happen.  Some said there would be a day of reckoning for all that did not heed their warnings.  My friends and fellow Collecticons – That day has arrived.

I present to you a real life photograph of a Hasbro-released Classics Thundercracker coming to you in the Generations 3.0 line.

***EDIT – I am getting reports that this may be a digibash although I find it hard to believe…  Upon a second round of scrutiny I am changing this to a rumor.

***EDIT – Due to an overwhelming amount of evidence, I must concede that I, Diablien, have been duped and this is indeed.  A fake image.  I apologize to all for the extent to which I proclaimed this was real!!  Will there ever be forgiveness?


Hasbro Masterpiece Optimus Prime passed off as giant replica in Obama photoshop

Barack Obama apparently looking at a giant Optimus Prime???


A friend of mine posted a rather humorous link to my Facebook page of a series of images called “Barack Obama Looking at Cool Stuff.” I assume this tumblr is trying to gain a following similar to the Stuff White People Like blog.

Too bad this photoshop is a big fail if you are Transformers fan!  They could’ve at least used one of those real half-life-sized replicas that cost $5000 on bigbadtoystore. This is simply a ‘shop’. See the full photo at the original source

I still must admit, the idea is rather funny. This post is just to kind of poke fun at their complete disregard for our nerdery. 🙂