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WST Ehobby Shining Ultra Magnus and Diaclone Powered Convoy from Heero Toy Maker

Collecticon Worlds Smallest Ehobby Diaclone Blue Ultra Magnus

That's either a tiny truck or a big kitty!

Heero Toys Maker is a seller on ebay that has gone by a few different names and has been a player in the murkier side of Transformer toys. He is creative and has been able to make some non-official production runs of world’s smallest toys including G2 Starscream & Ramjet, a G1 version of Acid Storm, and various ghost versions of other seekers. He goes so far as to make specific alterations from the original WST figures so as far as bootlegs go, I believe he does the fandom a service rather than a dis-service like other bootlegs and Knock off’s. Heero’s figures are always top quality and I’ve spend several hundred dollars with him over the past 5+ years.

I was excited to receive his unique WST versions of Shining Magnus and Diaclone Powered Convoy today at work and decided to share some quick photos. Each figure cost me over $30, but that’s pretty typical when buying from Heero on Ebay.

WST power convoy and shining ultra magnus

So what's more impressive here - the seekers or the magnii?

I was surprised with the size of the figures. The Magnus armor is rather large compared to the small cab. There are some new moldings and features not found on the original full-sized G1 version included a molded-on belt and locking mechanism for the rear section. All the joints and connection points were nice and tight. The cab just kind of sits in the armor, so that is the loosest part of the whole assembly; I wish it could clip in somehow but I can live with it.

I only purchased these to get the WST Convoy mold in these cool colors, as I am not a Magnus collector. I would definitely recommend these to any that are out there though! Hopefully you can deal with it right now!

Collecticon WST Ehobby Shining Ultra Magnus

Not so much shiney but CLEAR!

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G1 prototype Starscream on Ebay – not a prototype at all

Generation 1 TFC 9 Starscream prototype from Heerotoymaker

A beautiful site, but just what are we looking at?

Check out this auction by Heero Toy Maker.

The auction is listed as “G1 Starscream prototype near perfect complete.”  So what does that actually mean?  Well from the looks of the photos, we are talking about a prototype from 2003’s Transformers Collection #9 Starscream.  And as you can see in the photograph below… I already have this prototype.

Transformers Collection #9 Starscream with recast mold

Something tells me these aren't original prototypes worth $500...

So just what is going on here?  Let’s talk a little bit about Heero Toy Maker first…  He is known for making very awesome recasts of the WST Optimus Prime and Seeker molds.  His WST seekers differ from the official originals in a few ways: the wail fins are two separate pieces, and the weapons are of the null-ray shape instead of the missile shape.  Overall, these unofficial unlicensed toys actually excel when compared to the official originals.  Heero knows how to mass produce figures, and do it extremely well.

So when he first put one of these almost glow-in-the-dark looking G1 Starscreams on Ebay, I went nuts and made him an offer to buy it right now.  Of course, by doing this, I set the price for this figure.  This was almost one year ago, and I thought that if this really is a prototype, it must be for some sort of Encore version of TFC 9 Starscream with the Megatron gun.  I have been patiently waiting for this reissue ever since, and it has failed to appear.

Transformers Collection #9 Starscream with prototype from Heero

Starscream is joining Jay-Z and his next White Party

About the only conclusion I can come up with is that the industrious Mr. Heero has decided to change gears and try mass producing his own full-sized G1 seeker molds now. What he is actually selling are his own personal ‘prototypes’ of these completely unlicensed figures, not original official factory samples.  Can I confirm this? No, but the writing is on the wall.  I also do not pass judgment as to whether this practice is OK or not, that is up to you.  I only wish to inform anyone thinking of buying this to make sure they know what they are buying, and also realize that yes, I already have it so you do not have a one-of-a-kind toy. Sorry Charlie.

Transformers Collection #9 Starscream copyright stamp

The copyright stamp is even in tact. I give up.