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The next big movie from Hasbro Studios…

Hungry Hungry Hippos feature length live action movie


I can’t wait for Hasbro’s next venture into film making!


Dubstep – Music for Transformers, by Transformers?

So I always seem to be late to the game, but holy crap! Now I know what this dubstep stuff ‘the kids’ are all into is about. It’s not just noise and quick cuts, this is simply music taken from another world, namely Cybertron!

Listen to the Skrillex track above and just try to tell me this is not the creation of Soundwave and his minions after a night of energon binging. Seriously, did Skrillex break into Michael Bay’s sound guy’s studio and take all the sweet sounds they used to bring the Transformers movies to life? I am going to put my money on that.

So bravo, I’m glad to see a new musical phenom that I can really get behind. Break it all apart! Dubstep or die, Decepticons!


Seeing Transformers Dark of the Moon tonight

Transformers Dark of the Moon jumping SUV's

I saw this stunt from a completely different angle

Sorry for the huge hiatus since Botcon, but I’ve been a busy bumblebee. After many months of waiting, TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT! I know a few lucky transfans have already seen the flick but I am doing all I can to resist checking anymore out until tonight.

It’s been a wild ride this time, mostly because the filming was in Chicago and I actually got to be a part of the extras cast, or at least my vehicle did. There’s also the sad story of Gabriella Cedillo, which has apparently been swept under the rug. I will be paying extra special attention to the highway scene, pictured above. That is where the accident occurred. Be on the look out for a dark grey Honda Element!!

So shall I make a few predictions? It seems silly since some have already seen the film and can vouch for whether I am right or wrong…

Starscream will die. (boo!)
Shockwave will die. (boo!)
None of the main character humans will die (boo!)
The Autobots will leave earth, save for Bumblebee who is in love with Sam (whaaa?)
Soundwave will get away (Yay!)
Megatron will get away again (Yay!)
Sentinel Prime will die (Yay!)

The movie will be awesome and I can’t wait to see Chicago get turned upside down. This is our time Transformers fans, the trilogy is over and we can all bid adieu to Michael Bay. Let’s hope he goes out with a bang.


Botcon 2011 Hall of Fame Ceremony – 20 minutes of Dark of the Moon footage?

Transformers Dark of the Moon Optimus Prime in destroyed Chicago

Chicago - it was a hell of a town!

Check out this article recently posted prepping press for Transformers Dark of the Moon on Coming Soon.

In the article it’s stated by the Coming Soon staff…

Bay is hesitant to call the film “bigger,” but everything we witnessed moments later in the Paramount theater screams “huge” (although we do understand what Bay meant story-wise). Of the nearly 20 minutes of footage shown to us (with an extra five shown in 3D), it’s clear Bay is taking the series to new heights in every respect.

So apparently there is already a nice packaged set of clips being pimped to the press.  I would be one to guess that this 20 minutes of footage is what we can expect to see at Botcon 2011’s Hall of Fame Ceremony which costs a whopping $50 extra to the already expensive trip.  So is this bit of footage going to be enough to whet your appetites?  Considering I saw the first whole movie at Botcon 2007 for about $20 extra, I am calling a bit of foul, but whatever.  They can screw us again and again and we’ll all keep coming to the convention.  Sucks to be addicted to plastic crack, don’t it?

Transform and prosper – Leonard Nimoy returns to Transformers as Sentinel Prime

Leonard Nimoy to voice Sentinel Prime in Dark of the Moon

This is bad comedy

There has been a lot of voice-acting news recently!

Unlike a false news story that came up last year regarding War For Cybertron, Leonard Nimoy is indeed returning to the Transformers franchise.  This is quite exciting as its another throwback to the original 1985 Animated Movie.  This news comes from a post by Entertainment Weekly where Michael Bay discusses how Mr. Nimoy became involved and his relationship with him.

I for one, am happy to see him come back!  Bring on Dark of the Moon!


Transformers 5 – The Planet Of The Earth

Transformers 5 poster on 30 Rock

Could it really happen?

Liz Lemon came across a poster for Transformers 5: The Planet Of The Earth. This was definitely a jab at the awkwardly titled Transformers: Dark of the Moon. It was perfect for a laugh! It also shows how Transformers as a movie franchise is the butt of many jokes regarding integrity and quality.

So will Bay and crew be able to dig themselves out of the hole created by Revenge of the Fallen? All signs point to… maybe?

Check out the episode here on Hulu.

Transformers 5 Written by No One

Just like Revenge of the Fallen!


Chicago is BURNING!!! Transformers 3 teaser trailer hits the Super Bowl with a bang

Transformers 3 dark of the moon decepticon warships attack chicago

Oh dear God it's more beautiful than I could've ever imagined!

Chicagoans aren’t the only ones upset with the race for our next mayor, the Decepticons are taking matters into their own hands this Summer! That’s right folks, the latest teaser trailer for Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon has hit the web! Check it out in High Def at michaelbay.com.

Just like with Revenge of the Fallen’s initial trailer, it was revealed in the form of a 30-second Superbowl advertisement and it did NOT disappoint!  We were treated to a lush canvas of beautiful Chicago being completely DESTROYED by what appears to be a very significant invasion by Decepticon forces, expected to be lead by Shockwave himself.  This stuff is just MEAN!!  The HANCOCK BUILDING IS ON FIRE!!!  Many Chicago landmarks are plainly visible and will most likely be called out by name.  Check out the video below with annotations enabled to get a good feel for which areas of the city are featured in the quick 30-second snippit.

Some of the more notable details from the trailer are as follows:

– Optimus Prime retains what appears to be Jetfire’s corpse parts, and then immediately disposed of them after hitting the ground.

Transformers 3 dark of the moon Optimus flies in

Ye' olde Jetpack!

– Repurposed Decepticon frames will be showing up again, most likely as cannon fodder including Brawl, Blackout / Grindor, Long Haul and BARRICADE!.

– A bird-like Decepticon appears, who is most definitely one of Soundwave’s minions and it can be inferred that this create is LASERBEAK!

Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon Laserbeak buzzsaw bird

Laserbeak, report!

– A half-dozen Decepticon warships are hovering around Chicago with a multitude of smaller flying attackers. It is not clear whether these are actual Transformers or separate vehicles driven by Transformers inside.

Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon bumblebee near Chicago Wrigley building

Bumblebee just wants to see that silly river turn green.

All in all, I CANNOT wait to see Chicago get blown to bits on the big screen in Imax! I will be there opening night for sure! Get your tickets while you can!!!

Transformers 3 burning Chicago skyline hancock building

See Chicago, this is what happens to your skyline if you don't pay your taxes!


Transformers 3 – Attack of the dread lock bots

Transformers 3 dreadlocks on decepticons

Are you gonna go my way?

To the dismay of many fans and the chagrin of Lenny Kravitz, it appears that robotic hair will make a stunning comeback this summer. When I first reported the stage names of the Decepticon SUV drones (dreads), I never once gave thought to the literal potential of that name.  Now I hang my head in dismay.  Leaked images of Transformers 3 toys are pouring out of the Eastern continent at the typical rate.  We are seeing various characters, new and old, in various size classes.  Many of these images can be seen at a new site made specifically to leak this images aptly named DOTMtoys.com which is just a simple PHPbb messageboard.  Many are speculating who is running the site, claiming it is GhenZhao from Kotoys.com, but who gives a shit other than Hasbro and Paramount’s legal teams?  God speed you black stallions.

Autobot dreadlocks on the nascar wrecker

Sweet Home Alabama, where my robo dreads are blue!

The latest images show us the robot and vehicle forms of the Decepticon SUV’s and they appear to have wavey robotic dreadlocks, similar to what we saw in the robot mode for the lone Nascar legends toy, which is expected to be one of the wreckers.  I guess we just can’t have our cake and eat it too.  I’m calling it now: Nascar gun-toting Wrecker Autobots characterized like Southern Red Neck Americans.  Might as well put the nail in the coffin, it’s your last chance Michael Bay!

Kenny Fucking Powers

Get 'er dun n' roll 'er out!


Transformers 3 trailer reactions – Who is this yellow Autobot? Alpha Trion?

Yellow robot in Transformers 3 trailer

Who is this guy?

Well at long last, the trailer has been posted and we can see it! So Michael Bay’s Transformers films will come full circle and end how they began – riffing off real-life space missions and twisting them to fit into the Transformers Universe. This time we go back to the mission to land the first man on the moon, Apollo 11. I encourage you to learn a bit about the mission by checking out the wiki page.

The only majorly interesting bit we get to see is a full upper-torso shot of yellow or golden Autobot which appears to be confined in the ship.  This may just be a random bot but the attention to the design of the face and body lead me to believe this is at least a named character.  My first guess is Alpha Trion, as I feel the Autobot looks a bit on the weathered side.  Completely an off the cuff guess by yours truly.  I call him an Autobot due to the blue glow of his eye ball.

Transformers 3 trailer robot ship crashed on moon

And they tried to tell us Transformers didn't need ships in this universe!

We are also treated to an incredibly complex take on the Transforming logo ala the first teaser trailer.  Stylistically, it appears this 3rd film will be taking some cues from the first.  Let’s hope that trend continues!

Of course big time fans are going to complain that there are too many humans, but it’s just a teaser. We’ll get some more of the juicy stuff sooner than later. So far, I like what I see and I hope this really is the big finale that I’ve been hoping for!


Transformers 3 trailer buzz brings down Michaelbay.com, Apple?

Michaelbay.com down for launch of Transformers 3 announcement trailer

Nothing to see here folks, nothing at all!

So first we were told the trailer was coming at 4 PM EST. Unfortunately someone, probably the webmaster, forgot to double-check his notes and suddenly had to change the announcement to read 4 PM PST once he saw a huge spike in traffic. How do I know it saw a huge spike? I refreshed repeatedly around 4PM EST only to be greeting with a plethora of site errors typically found when a site is seeing incredibly high traffic spikes. CSS was failing to load and even 504 errors were spat out at times.

3 hours later, we are at the same place! I still have yet to see the trailer fifteen minutes in and MIchael Bay’s precious site is a disaster. I only bring this up because I know the trials and tribulations of running a pop-culture related site that can unexpected quintuple it’s usual traffic load at any time.

Michael Bay's site sluggish due to Transformers 3 trailer

Hey that doesn't look quite right!

Even Apple seems to be having problems with the trailer, as the announcement and trailer page are live but the video is nowhere to be found… I guess the crushing masses of Transformer Fans have made themselves heard once again!