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Unicron the mythical unicorn – Further unreleased G1 Chaosbringer information and pics

Generation 1 Unicron prototype head in planet mode


With the relatively recent release of TakaraTomy 2010 Universal Dominator Unicron, a new rush of Unicron-love has swept the fandom.  Although I was unable to touch upon this much in my review, Armada Unicron was actually not the first time the demi-god had been given a plastic effigy.  At least three iterations of Unicron had been conceived all the way to the hardcopy / testshot phase to ultimately never reach mass-production.  According to a fantastic find by Japanese Transformer collector and ultra-seller Hydra of The AllSpark, there were in fact two different versions of the unreleased G1 Unicron toy designed and fabricated.  The first was deemed “too small” by Hasbro and so back to the drawing board went the designer to increase the size.  This could perhaps make sense of the two different photos floating around of the finished design.  After some digging, it makes perfect sense according to this hacked together size comparison from an article on The Mechanical Maniacs.

Unicron size comparison

Who knew BW neo Unicron was so tiny?

So apparently, the “green bodied” G1 Unicron was a completely different design from the larger orange version. I have often heard that the green one is considered the Japanese prototype vs. the orange USA prototype. In reality, it appears that the green version was the first draft, followed by the orange one that Hasbro still has in their possession. It is also surmised that there have been multiple copies of this toy created as evidenced by the Unicron display at Botcon 2009 contained more than one of the figure in pristine condition.

And guess what – not all of those copies of the toy are owned by Hasbro!  For the first time, I am sharing these photographs publicly.  I’m not even sure where I got them anymore but the photos were taken sometime after 2003 as evidenced by the shirt in the photographs.  I do not claim owenership of these, but since I will currently be the only source on the net to have them I’ll be watermarking them and blurring out the identity.  If anyone wants to step forward and give me some more info about these, I’d love to get it.  Privacy will be protected if requested.

All in all, I highly suggest checking out Hydra’s article for some incredible information that continues to dazzle.  Dare I say I’d still like to see the original toy released??  Shame on me… BEHOLD – Unicron!


Transformers Movie 1 Unreleased scouts – Gunbarrel, Reverb, Backtrack photo gallery


Unreleased G1 Starscream Head Bust and Chibli figure

one-of-a-kind Starscream prototypes

Starscream just got a whole lot more handsome and a whole lot more ugly

Back around the start of 2010, a few inconspicuous and cool items showed up on the Ebay account of Blackaces.  The items were “never released” versus sets of Starscream vs. Bumblebee and Megatron vs. Optimus Prime.  These were two-inch playsets, similar to the 3-inch Titanium figures.  Megatron was indeed his cannon-armed ROTF incarnation.  On-top of the ROTF versus sets, there were some very interesting Generation 1 Chibli figures and some small headbusts of mainline characters such as Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Starscream, and Megatron.

G1 Chibli Bumblebee resin prototype

The Chibli G1 Bumblebee prototype that was up for auction.

Being the good Collecticon that I am, I investigated.  This was the first response I received from Blackaces regarding the validity and origin of these pieces:

Hello, and thank you. These are not customs. They are pre-production concepts for Hasbro licensing and never made it past the prototype stage. For the PVC production samples of bumblebee and starscream, that is 1 half of a set of 4 figures which were approved by Hasbro, but never made it into production. I do not have a sale price and just wanted to see how much collectors’ would pay for them, hence the auctions. The combined shipping price would be about —- I reckon, for all the items you’ve mentioned. Thank you.

So apparently, these were officially licensed at one time but were rejected or forgotten about in the midst of all of the Revenge of the Fallen toys being released. The creator of these items was ready to part with them and was just hoping to give these prototypes to a collector that wanted then, hopefully for a good price.

Ultimately, the auctions ran their course mostly un-noticed, however the Optimus Prime figures went for upwards of $20.  Yours truely snagged both of the Starscream figurines for under $20 total!  After receiving the figurines, I am very impressed with their execution.  These painted samples are definitely something unique that I will cherish in my collection and a reminder of what could have been.

unreleased Starscream prototypes

Awww how cute

Check out a small gallery of the Starscream figurines below:


Slideshow of Official Transformers product shots from Hasbro

Here is a fun little slideshow of all of the product shots that Hasbro provided us this afternoon. Enjoy!


Hasbro Toy Event is over

Hasbro Toy Fair 2010I am in the process of creating some more content but here is a the culmination of all of my photos on Flickr.

Check out all the photos at my flickr page here.

Tales from the Holiest of Holy Grails

Tales from the Holiest of Holy Grails 01 – BT-17 Binaltech Black Convoy