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In-hand photos of TFCC Shattered Glass Drift and Over-Run – Classics Runabout

Shattered Glass Drift car TFCC over-run Runabout shockwave

A bunch of cool dudes

I thought I’d share some more eye-candy now that I’ve transformed them. Enjoy!

Shattered Glass Drift is lame


Shattered Glass Drift under hood

Where does he get all those wonderful toys?

Runabout Over-run and SG Drift



TFCC Runabout and Shattered Glass Drift arrive pretty quick – Good job Funpub!

Classics Runabout Over-run TFCC Shattered Glass Drift

Vampire cars!

Lookie what arrived! The super-fast shipping of Fun Publications got these really nice exclusives to my door much quicker than expected. Runabout is looking hot and the Drift is cool, if you give a rats about Drift. Haven’t transformed them yet, but I thought I’d prove that the figures are actually arriving! Score one for Funpub, but just one! 😉

TFCC Over-Run box art with Shattered Glass Drift

Pretty colors and gotta love these boxes!

The inserts are mighty-fine too.

TFCC Botcon Over-run Runabout Shattered Glass Drift

Hey, something is missing here!


Transformers 3 – Decepticon Ferrari 458?

Runamuck and Runabout in Transformers 3 as Decepticon Ferrari 458's?

Please gods of Cybertron, make it so.

I had a thought the other day…  what if the Ferrari 458 ISN’T cherry red?

The only other bots I hypothesized were Autobots.  Maybe it’s time for the Decepticons to get some killer wheels perhaps in the form of what are steadily becoming the world’s favorite Decepticon team

Or maybe Barricade is coming back completely redesigned, just like Bumblebee and Optimus Prime supposedly will be in the next film…

Or better yet, perhaps it’s time for the Decepticons to join the ranks of the Autobots with their own less-than-dynamic duo of bumbling bot brothers

That would be interesting wouldn’t it…