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Sellling some serious shit on Ebay for $.99- Botcon 2012, Shattered Glass, and more!

Transformers Collector club Over Run runamuck

What a pretty little package

Just thought I’d let you all now that I am doing a big sell-off of various Botcon toys, mostly 2012, but some old gems as well. Everything started at $.99 so get watching this stuff!


Off to Ebay again…

Old Aliens from Dark Horse Comics

Now maybe you know part of where the name "Diablien" comes from...

I just got finished taking a ton of ebay photographs tonight, thank God! I cannot wait to get rid of some of these figures. There is some decent stuff here too. A bit of vintage G1, Japanese Animated rarities, and TONS of Botcon stuff. So keep your eyes peeled to Ebay User Diablien to see the swath of stuff appear. I want the auctions to end Sunday so it will probably begin tomorrow.


61 items on ebay listed for $.99

Generation 1 Headmaster Chromedome with all accessories!

Sometimes it's so sad to sell off your best "friends."

I just added a TON of items to Ebay this morning in hopes of a decent week of sales.

Takara Black Masterpiece Convoy MP-1B Optimus Prime

Did I REALLY just list this for $.99 on Ebay? You bet your ass I did.

This is going to be a good chance to show everyone how I think the best way to sell on Ebay is. You have to let the market decide for you. If you just put everything up at buy it now prices, you are missing out on potential craziness that may ensue surrounding your special items.

I have a few that I think are pretty spectacular, including a Diaclone Devastator knock-off, a lot The Fallen figures, and a 100% G1 Punch/Counterpunch.

I chose to list EVERY SINGLE ITEM at $.99.  This increases the amount of bidding action and visibility my auctions will get.  I also listed a ton of items at once as to help visibility for each of them through the “See other items for sale button.”  That is the most valuable button on ebay, at least in my opinion.  How easily can one be persuaded to buy a figure, but maybe two or three from the same seller with the possibility of cheaper shipping?  That’s always a plus.

Anyway, check out the auctions if you can and I’ll do a recap next week and see what the big winners and losers were.