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Sins of the Wreckers concludes today – prediction reckoning SPOILERS


Can’t touch this!

Sins of the Wreckers concludes today after much anticipation.  The release schedule was not quite as rock solid as the creator originally had anticipated.  If you’re like to know more about the delays, you can check out this personal blog from Nick Roche. Yes Nick, we forgive you!

Well tons of my predictions were WRONG!!!!!!

  • Beast Wars Megaton was not the mastermind of this story.
  • Sideways was not involved at all.
  • Noisemaze was not involved at all, as a character, but just simply a location.

However… quite a few guesses were CORRECT!!!

  • Ostaros was indeed our fan-favorite Springer. What implications this means for the future… well I’ll save that for another blog.
  • Hubcap was in bed with Mayhem and was subverting the Wreckers in order to bring down corruption.

Words not required

The read was definitely satisfying. The artwork? even greater! Here’s hoping this is not the last Transformers will see of Nick Roche in the near future!


Sins of the Wreckers 3 introduces us to Ostaros… if we haven’t already met him


Who are you?

Sins of the Wreckers issue 3 is out today and with it come more scrumptious mysteries. Mesothulas was exactly who we all thought he was, but his design is even cooler than one could’ve expected!

I don’t have a lot of time to speculate, but my original hunch that this smiley little bot was Hubcap seems to be incorrect.  The latest spark down the wire is suggesting… SPRINGER!!!!!!!!


“Sins of the Wreckers: An Origin Story”

Video Reviews

Fansproject Warbot Defender video review

TFsource video review #8 is Fansproject Warbot Defender! Check him out in all of his gun-totin’ glory! Also, thanks to Punchline for supplying one of the best audio tracks yet! Check them out at punchkids.com


A wicked Triple-changer this way comes…

Fansproject Warbot Defender

Feelin' lucky, punk?

Busting on through the Tfsource video review rampge next is Fansproject Warbot Defender!  Talk about an amazing entrance into the world of scratch-built figures!  Wow!  Here’s looking forward to what the company has in store next.

All hail Fansproject!  Video review coming as soon as humanly possible.