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Unicron Throne of Chaos arrives!

YEAH!!! This thing is awesome! I can’t wait to get home and put the big guy in it!


Universally dominating Unicron stand – TakaraTomy 2010 Chaos Bringer gives birth to improved planet stand

2011 new and improved unicron stand for planet mode from Brownnoize Productions

Jizz | In | My | Pants

I had been hoping for it. I had been praying for it. Primus heard my call and has brought forth his own demise – Unicron’s previous 3rd party stand has finally been rendered obsolete by another fan just as aggravated as myself. No disrespect though, Unicron.com definitely brought the house down with their Unicron stand which I featured in my 2010 Universal Dominator Unicron review for TFsource.  That thing definitely had its flaws but now someone has taken the torch and given us the custom stand we have been thirsting for.

Named the Throne of Chaos, Brownnoize Productions has posted a blog advertising some great photos of the stand and 2010 Unicron placed atop it.

I just had an exchange with the creator of the throne and supplies are VERY limited.  I purchased two and I hope that it will fit within an Ikea Detolf shelf but who knows.  I need these for my Armada and Energon versions of the mold which I plan to keep in planet-mode in my updated display for 2011.

Shipped price for the stands is $41 domestically and there is no combined shipping.  The stands cannot be collapsed or fit into a larger box, that’s the breaks!  If you really want / need this, you don’t give a crud about paying that price for a stand that ACTUALLY works.  Our bargaining posture is highly dubious.  Get the stand while there are still stands to be taken!  You can order one directly via this contact form on Brownnoize’s site.


Transformers 3 Megatron questions – why the cape?

Megatron with cape in Transformers Dark of The Moon

Gypsies, tramps and thieves, could TF3 Megatron be one of these?

This Collecticon just can’t resist a chance to make something out of nothing so here goes my reaction to the recently posted revelation of Megatron’s alt-mode in Transformers 3.

First off, Megatron’s toy looks super cool.  We have never before seen a flowing substance like fabric make its way into our plastic universe.  Animal hair and flesh, sure, but a frozen-in-motion fabric tarp?  Impressive and innovative to say the least.  The dual-use of this piece as a cargo shelter in alt-mode, but hooded cape in robot mode really breathes some life back into the movieverse, let alone its toys.

Evangelion Unit 02 with cloack Megatron head

I think Asuka might be in for a surprise

The robot mode for Megatron finally gives us a properly proportioned silhouette for this megalomaniac of a robot.  For once, I am not left feeling like I’m staring at a giant man-made ball of tinfoil.  However, I am also geting ‘vagrant’ vibes from this toy.

My assumption is that Megatron has been hiding out.  After his defeat to Optimus Prime, Megatron is taking Starscream’s cue and laying low.  Perhaps a point-blank shot to the jaw knocked some of the arrogance out of Mighty Megatron – not likely, but plausible.  This could be a Megatron we have never seen before:  An outcast on the run from the long arm of Optimus Prime’s and his Autobots’ law.

Another possibility is that if Megatron has been hiding out, we may see the Madmax truck lurking around other Autobot goings-on throughout the film until the big reveal at the end and “Surprise kids, it’s been MEGATRON the whole time!”  This may also be a chance for Megatron to achieve redemption against his fellow transformer.  Being a truck puts Megatron one step closer to following in his “brother” Optimus’s footsteps.  A team-up perhaps to defeat the omnipotent Shockwave or… Unicron?

Whatever happens, we are likely to see some awesome robot romps throughout my residing home Chicago.  I can’t wait to see what havoc can be rained down upon Michigan Avenue.  Till all are gone.


First Draft Sctipt of 1986 Animated Transformers Movie – The Summary part 2

And here is part two of the highlights to the incredible first draft of Transformers: The Movie.

* Hotrod crashes into Quintessa’s sea. He finds the robo-squid tearing Kup apart. Same thing as the final film here including Kup’s repair. No Ali-cons, just Sharkticons. As the Sharkticons lead them away they use cattle prod like devices to shock them. The leader continues saying something which Kup translates as “we eat”.

* The Quintessons are described differently. They have frail bodies but large heads and so have metal frames on their shoulders to hold their heads up. Kranix is now Granix and there are other prisoners besides him in the cell. Granix is a bot made of a granite and stone….a Rocklord?  After describing where they are and the Quintessons’ heads (pointing out only 4 are normally seen), a group of Sharkticons enter the cell to take Granix away. He pleads for his life (and we hear Lithone is made of marble). Hotrod and Kup attack to try and save him but are detained. The lead Quintesson flips to his fifth face, the Death’s head and sentences Granix to death. No tank, instead 4 Sharkticons surround him. Granix uses a cattle prod destroying two of them, but the other two eat him.

* Ultra Magnus and the others crash on Junkion and start repairing, while in view of the Junkions.

* The Dinobots are seen walking around when a Sharkticon takes a bite out of Grimlock. He shakes it off and the Sharkticon runs for the main Quintesson building. Upon entering they are greeted by the Quint leader who politely welcomes them but says their friends are not here. A few questions later Grimlock says goodbye to “Many Face Thing” and they leave.

* Ingestor continues to suck up energy and Unicron increases in size. It’s trees and grass becoming more vibrant. Galvatron arrives and starts kissing ass but then says he will not allow the consumption of Cybertron. Ingestor tortures him and orders the Decepticons to Junkion, saying the Autobots survived. Unicron eats another moon and increases in size again.

* The Quints sentence Hotrod and Kup but Hotrod manages to get ahold of one of the prods and destroys the surrounding guards and Sharkticons. He then corners the lead Quint with the prod staff against it’s neck, while Kup is on the main floor with Sharkticons in front of him.

* The Dinobots are now in the Quintesson mountains, where they were told “their friends may be”. Finding nothing they now encounter Wheelie. Same thing, back to the building.

* Hotrod threatening the Quint judge throws him to the arena floor. The Quint laughing at him and orders their execution. Hotrod and Kup fend of some more Sharkticons but are then cornered. Swoop flies in and Grimlock busts down the door. The Dinobots and freed prisoners start fighting back. The Quints now outnumbered, the prisoners take control, led by a giant glass bot. Wheelie points out the ship and they leave.

* After repairing the shuttle the Decepticons attack the Autobots. The battle plays out roughly the same. Additions include Ultra Magnus taking on the coneheads, and Daniel fusing Astrotrain’s hands together and mouth shut. Once the Autobots take cover, Perceptor uses a smokescreen and clones of themselves to fool the Cons. Galvatron and some Cons pursue Ultra Magnus as the others destroy the clones. UM fighting through many Decepticons is now battered, one arm useless. Galvatron transforms and blasts Ultra Magnus to pieces. He then uses a saw tool to cut open UM’s chest cavity and takes Prime’s spark. Galvatron orders his troops back to Earth so they can stop the energy transfer.

* The Junkions attack, but with other road warrior vehicles and not just transforming into motorcycles. They seem more violent and corner the Autobots. Threatening to use blow torches on them just as the Quint ship comes flying by. Hotrod lands and they exit with him holding energon pretzels.  The universal greeting, dancing, and Magnus’ repair play out the same. Magnus says he can no longer lead since he doesn’t have Prime’s spark. The others look to Springer but Hotrod pops in with some encouraging words. Kup says he’s grown. The Autobots and Junkions lift off for Unicron.

* Back at Unicron, Galvatron says he’s done all of Ingestor’s bidding and would like out of their agreement. Ingestor refuses saying they are his for eternity. Galvatron threatens to use a thermo charge to detonate Unicron’s core. The planet sucks up the last of the energy and transforms. Seeing as this Unicron looks nothing like the final version you’ll have to imagine what it looks like. Galvatron pleas again only to end up on Ingestor’s tree trunk eyebrows.

* Ingestor begins his attack. He sweeps the planet with his hand. Eats Shockwave and building debris. Thundercracker and Skywarp mount a counterattack with laser cannons, but are then devoured along with their weapons fire. The shuttles approach, Dinobots and Junkions exiting hatches. They all attack with Ingestor swiping at them. A few pages in Hotrod buries the Quint ship into Ingestor. Hotrod then flies into his ear as the others fight on. The battle outside seems more slapstick than anything. Daniel even getting alot of offense on Ingestor. While Hotrod battles the internal defenses inside.

* Ingestor speaks out to Galvatron who is still holding on to his eyebrow. Says to go in and stop the intruder. Ingestor forces Galvatron through his eye socket. Hotrod and Galvatron fight. The battle seeming a little similar to the one Prime and Megatron had. Hotrod grabs hold of the bottle around Galvatron’s neck which contains Prime’s spark. Optimus speaks out and the light of his spark bathes Hotrod who transforms into Rodimus Prime. Galvatron fires on him then tackles Rodimus as they crash through walls. He continues to bash Rodimus as they enter Ingestor’s stomach cavity. Inside they see Cybertron’s moons, other planets, space vechicles, etc all webbed up and being digested. Galvatron looks to deliver the final blow to Rodimus when he struck by laser fire coming from Jazz and Cliffjumper. Rodimus counters back and is ready to destroy Galvatron, before Galvy exclaims he is truly Megatron and grabs Rodimus’ throat.

* Rodimus frees himself from the grasp and the bottle with Prime’s spark breaks free. Optimus speaks once more and the energy from his spark begins to destroy Ingestor from within. Ingestor begins ripping himself apart trying to get at Prime’s spark. Part of the stomach wall blows open. Galvatron, debris, and the ship containing Jazz and CJ are shot out. Rodimus is about to evacuate when he hears voices. Turns out there are still Autobots on 2 of the moons inside Ingestor. Rodimus manages to hurl them out during the destruction. Prime’s spark speaks one last time as it dissipates and Ingestor explodes. Rodimus flying out from the remaining debris. The Autobots cheer as he flies off towards Cybertron.

I want to once again thank Air Hammer of Bottalk.com for allowing me to post his great summary.  Enjoy!


Unicron the mythical unicorn – Further unreleased G1 Chaosbringer information and pics

Generation 1 Unicron prototype head in planet mode


With the relatively recent release of TakaraTomy 2010 Universal Dominator Unicron, a new rush of Unicron-love has swept the fandom.  Although I was unable to touch upon this much in my review, Armada Unicron was actually not the first time the demi-god had been given a plastic effigy.  At least three iterations of Unicron had been conceived all the way to the hardcopy / testshot phase to ultimately never reach mass-production.  According to a fantastic find by Japanese Transformer collector and ultra-seller Hydra of The AllSpark, there were in fact two different versions of the unreleased G1 Unicron toy designed and fabricated.  The first was deemed “too small” by Hasbro and so back to the drawing board went the designer to increase the size.  This could perhaps make sense of the two different photos floating around of the finished design.  After some digging, it makes perfect sense according to this hacked together size comparison from an article on The Mechanical Maniacs.

Unicron size comparison

Who knew BW neo Unicron was so tiny?

So apparently, the “green bodied” G1 Unicron was a completely different design from the larger orange version. I have often heard that the green one is considered the Japanese prototype vs. the orange USA prototype. In reality, it appears that the green version was the first draft, followed by the orange one that Hasbro still has in their possession. It is also surmised that there have been multiple copies of this toy created as evidenced by the Unicron display at Botcon 2009 contained more than one of the figure in pristine condition.

And guess what – not all of those copies of the toy are owned by Hasbro!  For the first time, I am sharing these photographs publicly.  I’m not even sure where I got them anymore but the photos were taken sometime after 2003 as evidenced by the shirt in the photographs.  I do not claim owenership of these, but since I will currently be the only source on the net to have them I’ll be watermarking them and blurring out the identity.  If anyone wants to step forward and give me some more info about these, I’d love to get it.  Privacy will be protected if requested.

All in all, I highly suggest checking out Hydra’s article for some incredible information that continues to dazzle.  Dare I say I’d still like to see the original toy released??  Shame on me… BEHOLD – Unicron!


TakaraTomy 2010 Universal Dominator Unicron video review

I’m once again sorry it took so long but this is probably my choice for figure of the year. I love Unicron and although I still pine for a true G1 unicron, this is probably as close as we will ever get. Simply marvelous and awesome.


TakaraTomy 2010 Unicron review incoming

Transformers 2010 Unicron with Cybertron Unicron and friends

I think the multiverse is le' fuct

Thanks to everyone that follows the TFsource youtube channel for each review that I painstakingly create to be the end-all-be-all authority review on the figure in and out. Upcoming is TakaraTomy 2010 Unicron! I hope it was worth the wait

Blog Tales from the Holiest of Holy Grails

Lucky Draw Green Unicron of Light gallery

Transformers Micron Legend Green Unicron of Light

Colored Green because he just reeks of the cash it costs to get him!

Seibertron.com did not disappoint today with the revealed Mystery Gallery which turned out to be Lucky Draw Micron Legend Green Unicron of Light!  This is definitely a unique and rare piece and this gallery will most likely be the only place most will ever see him.

Some Collecticons may remember that Rikkomba was attempting to sell his on Ebay earlier this year.  That particular auction did not end with a buyer, but the initial price tag was £2,499.00.  So when will the next Green Unicron trade hands and how much will it cost?  Like usual, my mantra is “Only time will tell.”


Initial fan reactions to Transformers 3 titled “The Dark of The Moon”

Transformers 3 The Dark of The Moon

Us and Them

The title for Transformers 3 was inadvertently revealed by some Amazon book listings for the film last week.  We can assume that this title should be taken as literally as the last one (Revenge of the The Fallen), where “The Fallen” referred to an actual character’s name and was not a metaphor.  It looks like we will be going down an already trodded path for Transformers and becoming a space odyssey. in turn sending the franchise back into hibernation for about 10 years.

Space shuttles, Dark of the Moon, Junkions… everything is pointing towards something big in the sky and we all know who that is…  As cool as Unicron is, I really hope he is not going to become part of the Bayverse.

In regards to the title, some clever fans have already taken it upon themselves to express their inevitable dissatisfaction.  Feast your eyes on one rather humorous example below.

Transformers 3 - The Dark of the Moon

M( )( )N


TakaraTomy’s Transformers 2010 toyline – the big picture

TakaraTomy Transformers 2010 logo

Such a subtle hint with those flames!

TakaraTomy’s Transformers 2010 line has been evolving over the past few months and has included some unexpected figures joining the psuedo-toyline. Originally, the line promised only 4 new toys including Masterpiece Sleep Convoy, a Unicron Repaint, the Sons of Cybertron Animated giftset and one empty slot many of us assumed would be left for Masterpiece Rodimus. As of yesterday, we have visual confirmation on Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy from Cybertron Convention 2010.

Upon visiting the TakaraTomy Transformers 2010 website, one can see that the slots have increased to 7 from the original 4 when the website launched (see below).

TakaraTomy Welcome to Transformers 2010 products page

The original look of the 2010 products page

TakaraTomy's Transformers 2010 product page

2010 Mid-summer look of TakaraTomy product page

Figure King 150 Transformers 2010 spread

The only confirmed toy missing here is the Predaking reissue

Incidentally, Figure King magazine posted a spread detailing the releases so far announced for Transformers 2010. If you include the Predaking reissue along with Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy, the total sits at 7. All signs are beginning to point to this line ending with a total of ten official releases, just to keep things tidy.

Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy is also up to bat at #9 in the Masterpiece line… leaving a precarious 10th slot that seems all too coincidental. Of course the first thing that comes to mind would be a Masterpiece Galvatron, but two new Masterpiece molds in a year seems like a bit of a pipe-dream. Let’s not count ol’ purple horns out though. The Decepticons have been un-represented so far in the Transformers 2010 line, except for the recent announcement of Predaking. Galavatron most certainly will be appearing in one of the last 3 slots in some form. Let’s hope it’s not just a redeco of Henkei Galvatron matched with Cyclonus…

Another possibility to fill out the line with another Masterpiece figure would be a reformat version of Megatron. The MP-05 mold is the only one that has yet to be redecoed. With such a fabulous mold, we know something has to be coming. The Purple Megatron gun in the Sleep Mode Convoy set may be strong indication that a clear Masterpiece Megatron is in our future. Heck, they just released a clear Masterpiece Starscream so it can be pulled off.

There’s also the possibility of more G1 reissues with slight upgrades like the Encore line. The possibilities here are many: Cyclonus, Scourge, Galvatron, Rodimus, Kup, Blurr, Trypticon or even Metroplex. The 2010 line seems to be pulling from every line available so more reissues are not out of the question.

And finally, none of these predictions could be true and MP-09 Rodimus Convoy could be the final piece offered in the line and it caps out at 7. Who knows. I have faith in the Japanese to round everything off at 10, including a new Masterpiece figure. Come on TakaraTomy, you got The Touch!