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So remember yesterday when I brought up the fact that Dairycon is starting to show it’s too legit to quit?  Well it turns out someone might have been listening (wishful thinking!) because look what’s sitting on Ebay at quite a hefty buy it now: Dairycon 2009 Pretender Motormaster

Dairycon 2009 Pretender Motormaster

Who knew Motormaster was such a pimp?


This toy is in very much the same vibe as the upcoming Pretender Convoy.  I have not had the pleasure of seeing a Dairycon exlclusive in the flesh so I cannot vouch for the quality, but it appears that these are indeed expertly molded figures, not just simple repainted customs.

Perhaps someone can vouch, but at an asking price of $350, Dairycon’s fun little universe is becoming more important every year.