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Starscream Keychain prototype

Wow, almost worth it's weight in fool's gold!

Oh Ultraconvoy, how you make me laugh.

Here is a one-of-a-kind resin prototype of ROTF Starscream’s keychain mold, apparently. I am not quite sure what the mass release of this figure is.

Here is the explanation given by the seller:

Here we have a rare treat for you Starscream collectors. Unreleased Desert Storm Starscream. This is a resin hardcopy hand painted piece. It was rejected by Hasbro and had to be recolored and remolded. I added pics of the mass released one and you can see there are a few differences. No copyrights. The Resin hardcopy is a bit bigger and has somewhat shorter wings and this is hand painted. This Hardcopy piece made 4″ key chains for the ROTF Movie Line. This is a one of a kind item that I got from a Hasbro employee. You wont see this anywhere else. I was going to keep it but I am sure there is someone out there who will enjoy this more than me. A awesome display piece! Due to the fragile nature of the piece I can’t not accept returns or any refunds for any reason. I will package it the same way I got it so no worries but again remember this item can not be replace due to its rarity. So ask Any questions before making a offer. If you can’t agree with the terms of this auction please don’t make a offer. I present to you unreleased Desert Storm Starscream

While the story is most likely authentic, the asking price is a tad on the insane side. I will play Ebay police today and just let you know that is piece is not worth $1000, not even $100. I specifically collect this type of figure and I know it’s not worth more than a fraction of the asking price.

These are the types of auctions that I just love to point out.  For the untrained collector, the prices on these types of figures can be murky at best.  But if you really have the money to be spending $1000 on a toy, don’t you think you’re going to be at least a bit educated about said purchases?

Now just look at some pretty pictures.

Starscream resin prototype

Starscream saw his price tag and now he's beside himself