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Revoltech Skywarp found on Ebay

100% haha! Famous last words, yet still intriguing...

During my daily stroll down Ebay Street, I found a rather peculiar auction image for TRANSFORMER REVOLTECH STARSCREAM GENUINE FIGURE AP746 that caught my attention.  That’s a Revoltech Starscream box, and a Revoltech Starscream mold, but those are not Revoltech Starscream COLORS.  Black and purple only belong to one Decepticon bruiser and we all know him well, our good buddy Skywarp.

The picture in this auction is a little hard to decipher since the collage was obviously created in Photoshop, but it’s difficult to tell whether the colors are legit or treated.  I seem to recall hearing murmours of Revoltech seeker repaints, but my memory is not serving me at this time.  For now you can check out the auctions here and decide for yourself whether this is a bootleg or the real thing.