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Masterpiece Convoy Final Version

Final? I've heard that one before TakaraTomy...

I was underwhelmed today when I received an update from Robotkingdom in my email stating that they had posted pre-orders for a new edition of the Masterpiece Convoy and Megatron molds. The Convoy is labled as MP1L, which I assume designates it as “Last.” The figure is suffixed with Final Edition. It will come with a monochromatic base that has new soundbytes in Japanese, that will supposedly reveal the next character in the Masterpiece line. Megatron appears to have no changes thus far and is not designated with a new suffix letter.

I’m really getting jaded with all of these re-issues of the Masterpiece Convoy mold. I know I’m not the only one. Masterpiece Megatron has patiently been waiting for any sort of special treatment for a re-release and I hope TakaraTomy doesn’t plan on angering the great Destron general (for their sake!)

2010 MP5 reissue Masterpiece Megatron

Didn't they already do a second run of this guy in original colors?

By the looks of it, these figures will probably be tied into the Transformers 2010 line. If that is the case, then we should at least expect some special packaging for these figures and in turn some minor differences. At the very least, I expect Convoy to include some new characters on his arm stickers. The grayscale base appears to want Sleepy Prime to stand on it.

I never thought I’d say this but…
Dear TakaraTomy: Please, no more Masterpiece figures!