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The new 2011 Collecticon toy display

I don't think I'll have much difficulty filling the empty spaces

I thought I ought to take a second to post today because it marks the one year anniversary of my starting this blog. The big picture still has yet to reveal itself but I am happy that I successfully kept up the blog for an entire year.

I also wanted to share my plans for my new Transformers collection display. I haven’t re-organized since the flood back in July and I am finally going to get the toys back in their place this weekend. It’s funny how I started this with just 2 ikea shelves… and now I have 9. I’ve been imposing restrictions on my collection forever, but still I end up with this many plastic figures??! I also wanted to highlight that we’ve made it to TFsource video review #20, Primus!

So if you have any thoughts on my character-based collection display, I’m all ears!  Thanks for sticking with me all year I hope we can make it through all over again in 2011!