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THS 02 Hybrid Style G1 Convoy

Everyone forgets that this amazing motherfucker came AFTER MP-01

It revolts me to no end how so many Transformers fans can stain a good time with their greedy childish bickering and comments about how they have been wronged by the companies that provide them wonderful Transformers toys.  There is a growing mass of upheaval surrounding the revelation of Masterpiece 10 being another Optimus Prime / Convoy.  “We don’t want another Convoy!”  Oh really?

The Masterpiece Prime mold is old, out-dated, blocky and overall unimpressive compared to 100’s of toys that have come out in the past 8 years.  Did it ever occur to you short-sighted twits that the reason they are re-creating the mold is to make a far superior toy?  It wouldn’t take too much given the amazing engineering advances the TakaraTomy designers have made.  Take Hybrid Style G1 Convoy, pictured above.  This is quite easily the best of the best as far as G1 Convoy goes.  There is no comparison!  THIS IS THE MASTERPIECE!  It’s size tends to overshadow it’s awesome-sauce though.  I’m positive that MP-10 will surpass every other Convoy that has come before, even THS-02.

For the love of God, we may have a successful alt-mode AND robot mode and lord’a mercy, only one truck grill! A girl can dream, can’t she?

Now suck it up and wait for the big reveal in the next 2 months.  God I can’t stand even looking around the other TF sites with all this verbal diarrhea!

THS02 Hybrid Style G1 Convoy

Shut the fuck up already and be patient.