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Nasty, nasty boys

New York Comic Con is happening RIGHT NOW and last night’s Hasbro Transformers panel was anything but underwhelming.  All the thunder was stolen from the night before when we saw amazing figures like Deluxe Skullsmasher, Hardhead, Leader Blaster, and most impressively, Voyager Galavtron with a tiny Megatron Headmaster (named Nucleon).

The masters are back!  They are trying to consolidate all the different types of little ‘master’ partners by giving them the even more confusing name “Titan Masters”, which really has nothing to do with the Titan scale toys we’ve grown so fond of.  Hey, whatever.  Decisions have to be made and the final product looks like a ton of fun!

The boring thing about last night was their big reveal: Voyager Sentinel Prime who is comic-book orange and takes flight and rail as a triple-changer that looks eerily similar to our big gray and purple friend above.  Better jettison some weight.