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TakaraTomy Animated haul reveal

TakaraTomy Animated toys haul

It's... it's beautiful!

Thanks Smooth!


TakaraTomy animated en-massé

Fucking giant boxes!

Sorry there's not a human there for scale but trust me, it ain't small

So Aazon.co.jp is cutting prices…


The black rider – TakaraTomy Animated Deluxe Soundblaster lands a gig!

TakaraTomy Animated Deluxe Soundblaster

Do you think he plays BLACK SABBATH on that keytar bat?

Yeah, he is way better than the weird teal blue-ish Hasbro version. Now watch him shreddddd!


Botcon 2011 Motormaster as Wreck-gar would’ve been cool too

Botcon 2011 animated Motormaster as Wreck-Gar

So demanding-looking

I’m by no means complaining about the Optimus mold Motormaster, because I mean, how else would we get that stupid Toxitron right?? I saw this digibash and think it looks great. That’s a pretty scary looking Decepticon!


Two Girls One Kup

Two girls one kup


Photo by Deceptigtar


Amazon.co.jp has a sale – Mountains of TakaraTomy Animated

TakaraTomy Animated Transformer toys on sale

While Chicago is in a whiteout, Japan is in a definite BLACK OUT!

Circle the globe and you will be in a little old place called Japan. Apparently, it’s time to clean house at their Amazon website and almost every Transformer toy across the board was drastically reduced. Can you say TakaraTomy Animated Leaders (regularly $80 + shipping) for $22? Ummm yes please! This photo is not of all my toys but it is a sight to behold. I have a few choice items in this bundle, but even with the shipping, I will be making out like a bandit. Come to me Shiny Black Soundblaster!!!


Botcon 2011 set is made up of Animated Stunticons!



Check it all out at Botcon’s recently re-launched web page.


Botcon 2011 giftset theme rumblings – Robots In Disguise or Beast Wars giftset?

Transformers Robots In Disguise Sideburn

Photo from Plasticcrack.net

With 2011 right around the corner, I can’t help but start getting antsy about the next Botcon set. With the upcoming Club Exclusive Side Burn figure and last year’s Sky Byte addition to the G2 set, a Robots In Disguise theme seems plausible. Not to mention 2011 will be the 10 year anniversary to Robots In Disguise airing in the United States. There are some obvious repaint choices here such as G2 Optimus Prime as Scourge and Ironhide / Ratchet as X-Brawn, but where can the set really go from there?

I also must admit that I’ve been dreading the day that we would start seeing homages to figures that are only 10 years old. It just kind of puts some mortality in the mix of Transformers collecting. But what are you gonna do?

Another speculation that seems to have some support would be ANOTHER Beast Wars homage for the 15th anniversary. The thought is that the Beast Wars characters could be brought over to the Animated Toyline. This also seems to follow suit with the Animated Transtech Cheetor relased that Funpub is planning for 2011. Fat chance on that one though Beast Wars lovers. So soon you forget that we already received something similar for the 10th anniversary in pre-Earth mode set. I can’t say that I wouldn’t mind seeing some new Animated toys in some fashion though.

What could all this have to do with the only leaked tagline thus far, “The Invasion Has Begun?” I guess we have 6 months to speculate on that so let the slaughter begin!


First look at Transformers United packaging – same frame as Animated

Transformers United Straxus in package

He's more blue abu dee abu die!

Seibertron has posted a Taobao auction that gives us a first peek at the upcoming packaging for Transformers United.  The packaging is taking striking cue from the Japanese Transformers Animated packaging and shares and almost identical silhouette to the deluxe animated blister and card.  Some differences include the molding around the faction symbol and curve of the bottom, but overall, it’s the same thing.  The bubble even includes the signature slant.

Transformers United vs Animated packaging

Same as it ever was


Transformers Prime is going to be Awesome – here’s why

I know that I am not the only person starting to feel the excitement surrounding the sneak peeks for Transformers Prime that Hasbro has been sprinkling around the net.

While I’ve read some criticism over animation quality, I really must dismiss it all.  To me, the CG looks incredibly fluid and the cinematography appears to be meticulously planned out making for some spectacular scenes.  We are even going to be treated to new epic movie-verse style music and quality voice-acting from our own Peter Cullen and newcomer The Rock!  The storyline does seems a bit abrupt as we now have an entirely new reboot that appears to be loosely based on the movie universe, yet definitely its very own and separate entity.

Transformers Prime Arcee with Jack Darby and Carly?

That chick sure looks a lot like a caucasian Sari!

Personally this feels like a slam dunk, whereas Animated was by far one of the great Transformer stories and series, it was a victim of bad-timing.  Following a massively successful movie that re-spawned interest in the franchise, new young fans were most likely confused by Transformers Animated being so incredibly detached from the movie they just fell in love with.  I exemplify the Star Wars Clone Wars movie and subsequent series:  This was a movie that kids loved and could then follow the post-movie story in a televised episodic saga.  That is what I expected Transformers to do following the movie and apparently the gears were already in motion for Transformers Animated before the live-action film was completed.  Now that Hasbro’s long-term game plan for Transformers appears to be established, we can expect a more holistic and consistent approach to its development.

Transformers Prime will help hold onto the momentum generated from the live-action films due to the stylistic similarities between it and the live-action movies.  Although I feel it would’ve been even more effective if the series was literally stand-alone episodes positioned in between the movies, this story line looks like it will at least keep people interested.  Long-time fans of Transformers have seen reboot after reboot though, so let’s hope that Transformers Prime at least takes that into account and provides a new take on the traditional sense of discovery for the introduction of our beloved bots.

Transformers Prime Starscream

Why so sinister?

For now, check out The Hub’s Youtube channel where they are posting some clips for all of their upcoming shows.