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Botcon 2013 Machine Wars Optimus Prime custom – The Machine Wars toys you were expecting but didn’t get


He makes having lips look good

Sure, Hubcap is missing his head. I wish I knew who made these, that Machine Wars Optimus is simply awesome.

Edit: It was Cheetimus


Botcon 2013 Machine Wars Termination lithograph first look – not bad!


A legion of seekers!

The official Transformers facebook page posted our first look at this  year’s Botcon 2013 lithograph print.  This features all of the figures included in this year’s set, including Mirage and Electro, the last figures to be seen other than the rainmakers at the time of publication.

It’s cool how the original Machine Wars Seeker molds are used as the army of jets.


Botcon 2013 Customizing Class figure is Autobot Blastcharge Strika clone


It’s on a Warpath!

Just wanted to let you know.  You can also check out this nice pic supplied by the Botcon twitter.


Nice flag


Could the Beast Wars Megatron from FOC Grimlock be Botcon-bound?


Hey guiz, remember me?

With the announcement of Beast Hunters Megatron being remolded into something fishy earlier today by yours truly, it appears that all the voyager figure slots for Beast  Hunters have now been filled.  So what happened to this guy, the Beast Megatron remold we saw oh so long ago?

Perhaps this was just a super early leak of a Botcon 2013 figure.  Sure, the leak seems incredibly early for such a figure, but the set this year is so off the wall stupid, that maybe this add-on figure can save it.  Who knows, but we’ll find out in a few short months!


Botcon 2013 registration up and the curse of Michael Crutchfield


Apparently Fun Publications still hasn’t spent ‘the big bucks’ on softare that works.

So the news today is that Botcon 2013 registration went up around 3:30 PM CST.

COOL! Right?

Well actually, you might want to log in and check your records because multiple users are reporting that their information has been replaced by what you see above.  Poor old Mr. Crutchfield from Detroit.  Is it possible that he was the first to successfully check out of the online registration for this year’s Botcon celebration? Could there just be a glitch?

You know, I think this might be time to really think about WHY and HOW these kind of major fuck ups occur every year regarding the online registration for Botcon.  The delays, the mistakes, the credit card fraud from last year (how this company remained operating after that near-criminal escapade is beyond me)… is it just bad luck?  Did Ravage cross someone on the staff’s path?

When you are pulling in nearly $200,000 in registration fees, toy orders, and merchandise you need to get your fucking shit together and hire a real 3rd party company with a track record to create your website and software.  There is no excuse.  This is why I’m not going to Botcon 2013, and this is why I have turned my back on ‘the Transformers Fan Club.”


First look at Botcon 2013 Machine Wars Thundercracker


He’s big green motha from outer space and he’s bad

In an ‘announcement’ far less interesting than even the latest Botcon 2013 giftset reveals, we have pretty definite proof that a Machine Wars Thundercracker will be an add-on or the attendee figure for Botcon 2013. The character art was revealed on the embroidered hat for this year’s convention.  Who actually buys that stuff anyway?

Too bad I won’t be there to find out because this year’s Botcon is no longer on my list of “trips that are anywhere near worth the money.”


Botcon 2013 Machine Wars possibilities

Botcon Machine Wars Seekers

Machine Wars Seekers Thundercracker and Skywarp

With Botcon 2013 on everyone’s mind, it’s time to play that old game of “what the heck are the toys going to be this year?”  We know Machine Wars, but what molds and characters?  There really aren’t too many to pick from, and we are sure tom see some brand new “who the heck is this?” characters as well.  Thanks to the lovable Air Hammer from Bottalk, we can speculate all we want while perusing his digibashes.

Ultimately, the choices made for these toys is what will either steer me clear or near Botcon 2013.  Are you going?


Machine Wars Megatron and Megaplex


Machine Wars Mirage and Prowl, how redundant!


Machine Wars Sandstorm


Machine Wars Soundwave

Black Machine Wars Starscream Botcon 2013

Big old black Starscream


Machine Wars Hubcap and Hoist


Last but not least, Machine Wars ATB Megatron, sans Starscream