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Apparently Fun Publications still hasn’t spent ‘the big bucks’ on softare that works.

So the news today is that Botcon 2013 registration went up around 3:30 PM CST.

COOL! Right?

Well actually, you might want to log in and check your records because multiple users are reporting that their information has been replaced by what you see above.  Poor old Mr. Crutchfield from Detroit.  Is it possible that he was the first to successfully check out of the online registration for this year’s Botcon celebration? Could there just be a glitch?

You know, I think this might be time to really think about WHY and HOW these kind of major fuck ups occur every year regarding the online registration for Botcon.  The delays, the mistakes, the credit card fraud from last year (how this company remained operating after that near-criminal escapade is beyond me)… is it just bad luck?  Did Ravage cross someone on the staff’s path?

When you are pulling in nearly $200,000 in registration fees, toy orders, and merchandise you need to get your fucking shit together and hire a real 3rd party company with a track record to create your website and software.  There is no excuse.  This is why I’m not going to Botcon 2013, and this is why I have turned my back on ‘the Transformers Fan Club.”