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Daddy long legs Decepticon gets a name – Transformers DOTM Devcon

Transformers dark of the moon devcon

Not the Devcon you remember

I was watching my Transformers Trilogy blu-ray set (which is awesome!) yesterday and flipped through the DOTM special features. In it are a bunch of stills featuring new production art from the film. One of the most notable images was that of the large spider-like Decepticon featured once or twice in the Chicago scenes of Dark of the Moon. The working name for this elusive Decepticon is Devcon, who used to be an Autobot in the G1 mythos.

Anyway I just thought it was cool and one more mystery solved!


G2 Sandstorm and G2 Night Attack Starscream prototypes discovered amidst ancient relics in China, now on Taobao for a shitload of money

Transformers Generation 2 Sandstorm prototype found in China

"Hello, is it me you are looking for?"

Years ago, a bunch of rare Transformers artwork was put up for sale by a dealer who found a huge bulk of it from a few Hasbro employees. Pieces included original box art, the original air brushed autobot and decepticon symbols, back of box art, you name it! Also included was production artwork for never-before-seen Generation 2 figures including a purple Sludge, Black Starscream, and a desert-camo themed Ramjet. These were apparently scrapped like many other figures from the line and thought to have never made it past the employee-created custom mock-up phase. However yesterday, history was rewritten!

Generation 2 Black Starscream artwork

Why didn't I buy this when I had the chance?!? Oh right, I was a college grad and I didn't have any god damn money to waste.

Apparently someone searching the great pyramids of China stumbled upon a treasure greater than any ancient aliens theorist could’ve imagined – prototypes of some of the un-released G2 figures!!! These include a real G2 Sandstorm, a black prototype of G2 Starscream, a spray-painted mock-up of G2 Sandstorm and some boring G2 Stunticons. Pff, like those are worth anything…

Transformers Black Generation 2 Starscream nightscream night attack

Black Death or Night Attack Starscream?

Whomever is selling these relics ain’t no dummy either. With prices like 10,000 and 20,000 Yuan, we are talking well over $1000 USD for either of these prize items. It’s taking everything in my being to stop from purchasing that G2 Black Starscream… only time will tell.

Transformers Generation 2 Prototype seekers copyright stamps

Too legit to quit

So with great discoveries like this, who knows what may still be out there? Purple Sludges? Skywarps with purple missiles and nose cones? BLUE BLUESTREAKS?!?! Keep your eyes peeled Collecticons, Unicorns are still out there.

Transformers Generation 2 prototype aliens

I'm not saying it's aliens...


Transformers 3 Shockwave identified?

Umm, hello Transformers world, have you been sleeping for the past few months? This was posted in JUNE and I never saw it anywhere until tonight when I was looking for pictures of Shockwave’s head. These images are indeed legit, albeit probably old and very early concepts.

From looking at the video above, it can be seen that Shockwave is very much like Megatron, including the spider claw fingers. I kind of hope that changes, but perhaps it has to do with the plot. Shockwave could be of the same model as Megatron back on Cybertron.

Also, it would appear that the giant thrusters found on set also belong to old One Eye according to the images in this video. Very cool and I’m happy to finally at least see something to get me excited about Shockwave.

Transformers 3 Shockwave thrusters on set

So do these crazy props belong to Mr Laserwave?


Transformers 3 concepts or video game art?

Lithos and Lithonians to be in Transformers 3?

What a time to finally get a casting call!

Yesterday we were ‘treated’ to some imagery by artist Frankell Baramdyka who is a concept artist that has worked on various sci-fi and other genre movies. He posted a variety of images depicting scenes or locales we have yet to see in the Michael Bay Transformers universe. Many of these scenes included a proportionate render of Optimus Prime, further indicating that these sketches were definitely meant for the Transformers universe.

Everyone has pretty much agreed that these are meant specifically for the Transformers 3 video game that is likely to arise near the release of the next movie. However, each Transformers movie video game has had a directly correlating storyline to the movie it is based on. So these locales featured in the images are more than likely originally based on concepts that are being tossed around for the Transformers 3 plot.

Further support that these images are legit was provided by Hasbro and Activision so kindly requesting the removal of said images from the major Transformers sites. A few stray posts still exist in case you missed the glorious images.

So of course I wouldn’t be doing my self-appointent job if I didn’t tell you “what this all means.” Well first off, we see some locations which are called Junkion crash site, Jungle Planet, and LITHOS!  I shouldn’t have to tell you what this implies, but depending on your outlook this could be incredibly cool or incredibly horrible.  The only reason Lithos even has the right to be part of the Transformers mythos (rhyme!) is for one very large and menacing reason: UNICRON.  And how else is Michael Bay planning to “out explode” the last film?  Well considering how combiners were meant to be the big part of Transformers 2, yet fell flat, there are only a few gimmicks left that he can rely on in lieu of an actual plot or script: city-bots, multi-mode changers, or PLANET-FORMERS.   Which one do you think will be chosen to the big finale here?

Unicron to be in Transformers 3 movie?

Oh, hai guiz!

Speculation aside, we also saw some promising looks at some familiar friends, the Junkions.  The bike modes that were displayed were incredibly sleek and should fit in with the movie Transformers like a glove.

So let the speculation begin!  I for one would like to avoid Unicron coming into the picture next Summer.  He is definitely a great character from the past, but I’d like to keep him that way.  Let’s not let history repeat itself either.  Turning Transformers into a space oddessy was what turned kids off from it back in the 80’s.  Do we really need to watch this happen all over again?

Unicron eating Lithos

Nom nom nom nom... oh, don't mind me. I'm just eating your franchise and crapping it out like I did 20 years ago!