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Umm, hello Transformers world, have you been sleeping for the past few months? This was posted in JUNE and I never saw it anywhere until tonight when I was looking for pictures of Shockwave’s head. These images are indeed legit, albeit probably old and very early concepts.

From looking at the video above, it can be seen that Shockwave is very much like Megatron, including the spider claw fingers. I kind of hope that changes, but perhaps it has to do with the plot. Shockwave could be of the same model as Megatron back on Cybertron.

Also, it would appear that the giant thrusters found on set also belong to old One Eye according to the images in this video. Very cool and I’m happy to finally at least see something to get me excited about Shockwave.

Transformers 3 Shockwave thrusters on set

So do these crazy props belong to Mr Laserwave?