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Generations Leader Jetfire is looking slick as heck


And then from upon high, he descended towards them, glistening white and exemplifying power and grace.

In-hand photographs of Generations Leader Jetfire surfaced today and they make this toy look REALLY GREAT!!!  The chrome is still pretty un-necessary but we can give it a pass.  The non-armored mode is SCREAMING G1 Skyfire!  So good!  Check out some comparison shots below, or see the rest at TFW.


Just like old times, braah!


One for the scrapbook.


Transformers Cloud wave 3 Rodimus and Shockwave confirmed! Awesome!


Arise Rodimus… yeah just Rodimus, ok?

After many months of hoping and speculating, it’s been proven true that some of the strange toy-based iterations of characters drawn in TakaraTomy’s Transformers Cloud series are seeing releases!  We saw Rodimus at the inception of the toyline sporting the highly popular Triple-changing Springer Mold from Generations and an ominous Voyager Whirl-based Shockwave scientist.  Both were discovered on display today at the 2014 Tokyo Toy Show.  Also on display were photos of MP-22 Ultra Magnus in full color!  See more at TFW.


There’s only so many toys with only one eye!


Generation 1 Nightbeat was a Porsche!


Private eye

I may be stating the obvious to many but it finally donned on me that G1 Nightbeat was originally a Porsche-like vehicle.  So that was probably the reasoning behind the Generations Jazz mold redeco.  Just thought I’d share.


Any toy is an improvement over this


The disappointment, the despair, the reveal of Generations Nightbeat and Jhiaxus


The image seen ’round Cybertron

Today I awoke to see the announcement that pictures had been shown for Generations Jhiaxus and Nightbeat, and some other stupid character that shall remain nameless on this blog.  As unfortunately guessed by many-a-transfan, Jhiaxus has little to do with his unique comic appearance and instead has adopted Armada Starscream’s frame with a strangely bizarre color scheme homaging an original bizarre color scheme.  It’s hard to tell from this very tiny image, but the head sculpt at least appears to be pretty neat.  Also, this gives the possibility for alternative mold Armada seekers like Skywarp and Ramjet.

What’s even more disappointing is the lack of a new mold for Nightbeat.  It was kind of a given that Nightbeat would end up being a redeco of someone, but Jazz was a bit of a surprise.  While the mold is just about flawless, the choice just seems a bit forced.  This custom shown below is much more scrumptious.

There’s still some hope that these mock ups are just that, and not indicative of the final toys… but let’s get real.  This is what we’re getting.  Nightbeat even had remolded speakers!  What could they be?  Like usual, time will tell.


Someone got a clue!


Not perfect but still seems a little more legit.


Optimii in the wild – generations of the now


Talkin' bout my generations!

G2 Laser Prime is shooting from the hip!


iGear Kup01-Kup Head Kit having some issues, but looks cool!

igear Kup same head in box no cygar

Two heads are better than one?

The new iGear Kup head is making its way overseas into the hands of American collectors as we speak.  My good friend MarshallDusty just received his but to his dismay, he apparently received two of the same head, only one sans cygar.  Bumms.

This is the risky of minimal quality-control products that come from smaller manufacturers, otherwise known as the murky realm of 3rd party toys.  The presentation of this particular set is quite nice, with a collector box, foam insert, and even a supplied screwdriver to remove the old head!  However, not getting what you initally paid for is always a strike on an otherwise pretty good record.  Let’s hope this is just a one-time production error, but according to additional posts on TFW, things are not looking so good…


The TakaraTomy version even looks nice with this new head.

Overall, all problems overlooked, the head seems to make a massive difference on the quality of the Kup figure and persona.  The results have been incredible!  These are the types of 3rd party accessories that make me smile.  There are still some available from iGear.


Two Girls One Kup

Two girls one kup


Photo by Deceptigtar


End of The Seeker Wars – Generations 3 Thundercracker

Hasbro Generations Thundercracker

It's going to be a blue St. Patrick's Day

I suppose you all have been waiting long enough and I guess the heathens can now have their Thundercracker too. I rather like the dark blue of the final toy. I thought it was going to be more of an icy hue.

And with that, an era of Transformers has finally ended to let a new one begin. The Great Seeker Wars have finally, truly, been won.


Hasbro Generations 3.0 Thundercracker lives (again) – now with proof!

Generation 1 Thundercracker cartoon

Thundercracker responds just like a thousand other Transfans - horrifying gasp as a valuable piece of himself crumbles to the floor like so many shattered dreams.


Who knew that my most embarrassingly falsified post has turned out to be as true as the testimony of OJ Simpson!?  TFW2005.com has reported a preorder on Big Bad Toy Store for Generations 3.0 Thundercracker.

Read it and weep boys.

So does time really heal all wounds?  It’s hard to say, the 2007 Botcon Seeker scars run deep… soooo deep.  I guess it’s time to give up collecting in general, huh guys?  Guys? Hello?  Is anyone there?  Where’d you all go!?!?!?

Transformers Generations 3.0 Thundercracker preorder at BBTS

A tear


Hasbro Generations 3.0 Thundercracker lives – fake

Transformers Generations Classics Thundercracker

Icy blue to further chill even the coldest of collectors' hearts

Some said it would never happen.  Some said there would be a day of reckoning for all that did not heed their warnings.  My friends and fellow Collecticons – That day has arrived.

I present to you a real life photograph of a Hasbro-released Classics Thundercracker coming to you in the Generations 3.0 line.

***EDIT – I am getting reports that this may be a digibash although I find it hard to believe…  Upon a second round of scrutiny I am changing this to a rumor.

***EDIT – Due to an overwhelming amount of evidence, I must concede that I, Diablien, have been duped and this is indeed.  A fake image.  I apologize to all for the extent to which I proclaimed this was real!!  Will there ever be forgiveness?