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The image seen ’round Cybertron

Today I awoke to see the announcement that pictures had been shown for Generations Jhiaxus and Nightbeat, and some other stupid character that shall remain nameless on this blog.  As unfortunately guessed by many-a-transfan, Jhiaxus has little to do with his unique comic appearance and instead has adopted Armada Starscream’s frame with a strangely bizarre color scheme homaging an original bizarre color scheme.  It’s hard to tell from this very tiny image, but the head sculpt at least appears to be pretty neat.  Also, this gives the possibility for alternative mold Armada seekers like Skywarp and Ramjet.

What’s even more disappointing is the lack of a new mold for Nightbeat.  It was kind of a given that Nightbeat would end up being a redeco of someone, but Jazz was a bit of a surprise.  While the mold is just about flawless, the choice just seems a bit forced.  This custom shown below is much more scrumptious.

There’s still some hope that these mock ups are just that, and not indicative of the final toys… but let’s get real.  This is what we’re getting.  Nightbeat even had remolded speakers!  What could they be?  Like usual, time will tell.


Someone got a clue!


Not perfect but still seems a little more legit.