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Awesome animated short featuring Transformers, Gobots, and Legos – The King of Legoland

Check out this sweet animated short by Youtube user dunun.  Thanks for showing it to me Jessecuster!


Dark of the Moon Optimus Prime in lego form!

Dark of the Moon Optimus Prime lego poster

Optibrick Prime!

See more here!


Fanmade Lego Blurr – this ain’t no Kreo!

Transformers Lego Blurr

HP Lovecreft Hovercraft!

What else is a Transfan to do during a full month? Not video reviews of course! Bottalk user alanyap has shared a fabulous new Transformers lego creation, Blurr!

See even more fabulous photos from the creator here!

Transformers Lego Blurr robot mode

Fear me


Sneek peak at Hasbro Toyfair 2011 – Dark of the Moon toys

Check out the video above to see a sneek peak of Hasbro’s toy displays during this year’s Toy Fair press event. It looks like Transformers 3 is going to get a lot of love. We get a look at some new Lego-like Transformers toys similar to Diablock in Japan or the late Built to Rule toyline. Hasbro just keeps trying that shit! Now they are calling it “cre-o.”

We get a in-person look at Ultimate Optimus Prime as well. With the backpack parts turned down the figure looks a bit better. Also the BFG he is holding, although ridiculous in size and execution, does impress.

Sadly, I will not be in attendance this year to view the madness but I’m sure you can follow any of the other big toy news sites and get plenty of dirt on what’s coming in 2011. Smell ya later!