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Dai Atlas & Goldbug – death of the Alternity line

Alternity dai atlas from Optimus Prime


It had been fortold that a few new Alternity figures were coming out before the end of the year, namely Dai Atlas and Goldbug. We had an idea of which mold these figures might assume, but the result revealed today by Robotkingdom has dropped some jaws — in a bad way.

Dai Atlus is made of the Optimus mold and boasts no remolds to speak of (although the solicitations from Robot Kingdomg clearly say “different head cast”). This is a pretty strange decision and one for only hardcore Japanese Transformers fans. I mean, come on, Zone only had one episode…

At least the Goldbug repaint is about what one might have expected, although it is the bare minimum. The lack of new head sculpts is definitely disappointing, but don’t overlook these figures to become very hard to find later down the road. With only four molds to choose from, there really wasn’t a ton for TakaraTomy to work with. Can we still expect a Megatron or Starscream redeco? Sunstorm? Megaplex? Someone ever WEIRDER?  Oh yeah, Galvatron and Banzai-Tron.  Whoops…

Alternity Goldbug from Bumblebee

At least it's close, right?


Decepticons hittin’ the town

Decpticons cosplay costume starscream soundwave megatron

3 Bad Bots

Coolest dudes ever? Sarcasm?


Lamenting the Terradive redeco

Generation 2 cyberjets digibash by Air Hammer

Neo-seeker digibash by Air Hammer of the Team Awesome Board

I half-started a top ten toys of the year for 2010. I never finished it because I didn’t have nice photos of each of them, plus I was gushing way too much. This fictional chart would’ve been topped by none other than deluxe TERRADIVE. This is seriously the greatest Transformers achievement to date. It’s is a flawless figure. It includes the most crazy transformation and successful two modes I’ve ever seen. Plus it’s only roughly $10. YOINK!

So why has such an amazing figure not been redecoed yet? There are clearly many feasibly options for such a fantastic specimen. We can all continue to be patient and pray, hope, and wonder as we shed our tears.

Blog Dear Hasbro...

G1 Dinobot minicons – Hasbro finally gets the hint!

G1 dinobot minicon repaints

Someone finally got that memo

Dear Hasbro,

Thank you for finally realizing the potential for some of your less aspiring Transformer molds. Now if only you can do the same thing with your Power Core Combiners. Till next time!


The TF Illuminati


Prepare for Generations RID Black Convoy or Scourge

Transformers Generations Nemesis Prime digibash

Always bet on black

It sure would be a HUGE SURPRISE if G2 Laser Prime’s new generations mold was repainted into Car Robots Black Convoy, now wouldn’t it? Boggles the mind…


Cyclonus & Rodimus 2-pack announced – this time with matrix and rubsigns!

Cyclonus and Hot Rod released with rubsigns

Someone's missing here...

Today Big Bad Toy Store revealed a pre-order for a 2-pack that seemingly contains the Challenge at Cybertron version of Cyclonus and Hot Rod. Many a nerdy Transfan was up in arms for one of two reasons – Happy that they can now get a chance to buy the best version of Cyclonus yet without that gray Galvatron, and upset because these were the only two figures anyone wanted from the Challenge at Cybertron set anyway.

The story everyone is missing here is not that the two-pack contains a matrix or not, but the fact that this must be part of the upcoming Reveal The Shield campaign focusing on rejuvenated rubsigns. Just look at the photo above. Looks like these aren’t straight repacks and we can expect them to have other minor differences.


Is the Lucky Draw Transformer dead as we know it?

Lucky Draw Animated Optimus Prime promo graphic

I thought they said this was a Lucky Draw

Earlier this year we were treated to the announcement that Lucky Draw Transformers were coming back for TakaraTomy animated.  In fact, there have been more special exclusive items in Takara Tomy’s Animated line than almost any toyline in recent memory.  One of the first announced exclusives expected to become a new Lucky Draw was a gold-chromed edition of Deluxe Animated Optimus Prime.  Fast forward to this week and the figure is about to come to life but with an expected release batch of around 1,000.  Come again?

KOtoys has posted a great gallery of the figure, which also means this rare “Lucky Draw” toy has been leaked from the factory like most other figures in the past 3-4 years.  Put this all together and any seasoned collector will roll their eyes at the notion of this figure fitting into the lucky draw category.

Earlier this Summer, we were warned that the Animated Black Convoy would be of a sort of Lucky Draw status as well, but that turned out to be false.  Prices fell and individual suppliers were easily able to meet the demand for this coveted Black Prime.  Now for one of the first times, an originally advertised lucky draw figure is available on the Black market of Transformers.

KOtoys Lucky Draw Animated Optimus Prime

Who needs luck now?

So what’s the big deal?

Let’s start with what a Lucky Draw toy is.  By definition, Lucky Draw toys are toys that start with a value of zero because they are given away free via a random drawing promotion.  This is a very common practice with magazines or individual toy shops in Japan.  Some collectors fiend over lucky draw toys and will pay prices into the thousands to obtain a figure that only a handful of other humans can possibly ever own.  The point is that since there are usually under 20 of any one particular figure produced, their value is forever stratospheric and can become the cornerstone of any collection.  The Lukcy draw market is small, with the various figures passing from hand to hand of a small Transformer elite (The TF Illuminati I like to call them).

That being said, the problem lies in that the term “Lucky Draw Transformer” equates to two ideals:

1- The figure is given away via random drawing to a limited quantity

2- That limited quantity is incredibly low in order to increase the desirability of the initially zero-value figure.

Transformers Lucky Draw Silver Animated Bumblebee

Hey guys, I'm a real SILVER bug!

This second part of the equation is beginning to wane so much that a new term for these upcoming exclusives needs to be coined.  Perhaps “Non-lucky draw” or “psuedo exclusive”.  The term as it stands is obsolete.  Lucky Draw should only refer to the method by which the figures are released, and a new term would indicate the hyper rarity of the figure.

If this really is the death of the lucky draw Transformer toy as we have known it, I will quietly weep.  I love the fact that there are multi-thousand dollar toys to catch out there.  Part of what makes collecting fun is that fact that not everyone can have everything.  Even without the super-high dollar lucky draw toys, there are still other incredibly difficult-to-obtain figures coming out of Japan all the time.  Just check out all the exclusives announced recently a Chara Hobby.  It’s just maddening. X-P

New Transformer Exclusives

What a scrumptous hard-to-find bunch!