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Alternity dai atlas from Optimus Prime


It had been fortold that a few new Alternity figures were coming out before the end of the year, namely Dai Atlas and Goldbug. We had an idea of which mold these figures might assume, but the result revealed today by Robotkingdom has dropped some jaws — in a bad way.

Dai Atlus is made of the Optimus mold and boasts no remolds to speak of (although the solicitations from Robot Kingdomg clearly say “different head cast”). This is a pretty strange decision and one for only hardcore Japanese Transformers fans. I mean, come on, Zone only had one episode…

At least the Goldbug repaint is about what one might have expected, although it is the bare minimum. The lack of new head sculpts is definitely disappointing, but don’t overlook these figures to become very hard to find later down the road. With only four molds to choose from, there really wasn’t a ton for TakaraTomy to work with. Can we still expect a Megatron or Starscream redeco? Sunstorm? Megaplex? Someone ever WEIRDER?  Oh yeah, Galvatron and Banzai-Tron.  Whoops…

Alternity Goldbug from Bumblebee

At least it's close, right?