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TakaraTomy Gold Battle Ops Bumblebee on display – MP M02?

TakaraTomy Golden Battle-ops Bumblebee

Signs are pointing towards this being a special TakaraTomy release after all!

More news from Cybertron Con in China this week – a photograph of a “Limited Edition” Golden Battle Ops Bumblebee was on display. There is not much information present at this time, but this will indeed be official. Perhaps my guess at Battle Ops Bumblebee becoming the next in line for the Masterpiece Movie Line wasn’t so far off…


Transformers Collector Club Punch can’t see!

Transformers Collector Club Punch / Counter punch face

"Everytime I look at you I go blind!"

Some pretty cool photos of the upcoming Transformers Collectors Club exclusive Punch / Counterpunch have made their way onto the net via TFclub.  The figure looks great except for one glaring detail – the helmet is covering Punch’s eyes!  Oh the horror!  Keep in mind this may be a pre-release version of the figure and this might not be a wide-spread problem.

The colors of this toy look spot on to the original generation 1 incarnation.  It’s sad to say that I sold mine the other day, boo hoo.  For those of you that got a pre-order in, rejoice!  It looks like you will be getting a great G1 homage in Classics form.  The biggest surprise for me was the vibrant paint scheme adorning the rear of the vehicle.  It is overtly Decepticon and very eye-catching.  Perhaps this Classics version is catering more to the Decepticon side of his dual-personality, whereas the G1 version was meant to be a weighted on the Autobot side of things…  curious.

Transformers collector club Counterpunch

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