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Transformers Collector Club Punch / Counter punch face

"Everytime I look at you I go blind!"

Some pretty cool photos of the upcoming Transformers Collectors Club exclusive Punch / Counterpunch have made their way onto the net via TFclub.  The figure looks great except for one glaring detail – the helmet is covering Punch’s eyes!  Oh the horror!  Keep in mind this may be a pre-release version of the figure and this might not be a wide-spread problem.

The colors of this toy look spot on to the original generation 1 incarnation.  It’s sad to say that I sold mine the other day, boo hoo.  For those of you that got a pre-order in, rejoice!  It looks like you will be getting a great G1 homage in Classics form.  The biggest surprise for me was the vibrant paint scheme adorning the rear of the vehicle.  It is overtly Decepticon and very eye-catching.  Perhaps this Classics version is catering more to the Decepticon side of his dual-personality, whereas the G1 version was meant to be a weighted on the Autobot side of things…  curious.

Transformers collector club Counterpunch

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