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Gabriela Cedillo settles for 18 Million dollars after Transformers 3 stunt – almost two years after the accident

Transformers 3 Hammond Indiana Gabriela Cedillo

No Decepticon dogs anywhere to be found.

Today I learned from E! that the mishap that occurred back on the set of Transformers 3 in Hammond, IN was finally paid for the damaged caused to her.  Her, or her family, settled for a report $18 million USD, which is probably still never going to be enough to grant the Cedillo family a full recovery.

According to the article, “(Gabriela) is going to have issues for the rest of her life.” Sad indeed.

If you follow this blog, you may recall that I, Collecticon, was there on that disastrous day.  I’ve been holding onto this footage for almost two years and have followed Gabriela’s case as closely as I could.  There has not been much information since the movie was released until now.  The video below is my footage of the final stunt that was filmed on September 1st.  I was near the end of the caravan, and so most of the action occurs prior to me moving.  The accident occurred near the front of the line, and is not visible in the video.

I have never released this video until now. I wanted the dust to settle and there really isn’t much to see. I thought today would be a fitting release for the video. As indicated by the walkie, it took a few minutes before anyone realized there was a problem with Gabriela’s car. She erratically was driving after the stunt, and slammed into the guardrail and continued speeding past the stop point. This caused a lot of confusion over the walkies until someone said, “We need a helicopter now.” Then we all knew something was wrong.

I hope the Cedillo Family has found some solace this day with the tragic accident that happened nearly two years ago and they have my prayers.


Mondo Dark of the Moon Sentinel Prime poster in the flesh

Transformers Dark of the Moon screen printed mondo poster

Incredible art for such a wretched traitor (Photo from Jessecuster)

A few weeks ago, I posted about Mondo‘s exceptional Transformers Dark of the Moon limited edition screen printed poster.

I was lucky enough to get one of the last ones and it arrived the other day. First off, there is nothing quite like a perfect screen-printed poster. Mondo does a fabulous job of picking amazing artists to create unique licensed movie posters of movies, new and old, in the vein of rock concert posters. It’s a niche market, but every poster sells out in minutes. I was hoping for an entire series of Transformers posters ala their previous Star Wars series, but in due time…

I was a bit surprised when the poster arrived in such a sturdy tube, only to see the poster had been rolled inside out. I’ve worked in print shops before and we always rolled the prints with the print to the outside. This is not a criticism, as there is not a standard. It’s just my personal preference to have the roll cling towards the wall instead of away. Professional mounting will make this a non-issue though, which I intend to get done to this poster.

The halftones were incredibly sharp and the colors make this very reminiscent of a pinball game my family owns from the 70’s called Magnotron.  I wonder if this was the artist‘s inspiration at all.  It definitely seems probable.

Magnotron pinball

Hey wait a minute...

I’ve had the question posed to me as to whether these new rock-style posters of pop-culture properties will be “the hot collectible” of our generation. It’s definitely a possibility if the quality of such items continues in the vein of Mondo. To those that received the more-readily-available opening night poster, you missed out on the screen-printed version. Thanks again Mondo!


Transformers 3 sight-seeing tours in Chicago

Transformers 3 Chicago filming locations

I'm the mayor of Cybertron!

So there is a new Foursquare badge in Chicago for visiting all the filming locations of Transformers 3. I am not one to participate in that meta game, but this is intriguing. I’ve been anticipating some sort of Transformers 3 city tour, maybe I’ll even start my own! God knows I could do it. Everyone would have to wear the Cine-masks instead of those little flags or arm bands. Lord.

Check out the link here: http://www.explorechicago.org/city/en/supporting_narrative/events___special_events/special_events/tourism/Games_copy/t3.html


4 new Transformers-themed shirts coming from RIPT Apparel

Cool Cheap graphic tees

RIPT Apparel rocks!!

After a not-so-fun attempt to purchase Mondo’s awesome Transformers 3 poster, I found out about RIPT Apparel‘s upcoming robot weekend. They will have 4 new cool graphic shirts for the first 4 days of July, probably t coincide with the release of Transformers 3. Check out this teaser above.


Seeing Transformers Dark of the Moon tonight

Transformers Dark of the Moon jumping SUV's

I saw this stunt from a completely different angle

Sorry for the huge hiatus since Botcon, but I’ve been a busy bumblebee. After many months of waiting, TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT! I know a few lucky transfans have already seen the flick but I am doing all I can to resist checking anymore out until tonight.

It’s been a wild ride this time, mostly because the filming was in Chicago and I actually got to be a part of the extras cast, or at least my vehicle did. There’s also the sad story of Gabriella Cedillo, which has apparently been swept under the rug. I will be paying extra special attention to the highway scene, pictured above. That is where the accident occurred. Be on the look out for a dark grey Honda Element!!

So shall I make a few predictions? It seems silly since some have already seen the film and can vouch for whether I am right or wrong…

Starscream will die. (boo!)
Shockwave will die. (boo!)
None of the main character humans will die (boo!)
The Autobots will leave earth, save for Bumblebee who is in love with Sam (whaaa?)
Soundwave will get away (Yay!)
Megatron will get away again (Yay!)
Sentinel Prime will die (Yay!)

The movie will be awesome and I can’t wait to see Chicago get turned upside down. This is our time Transformers fans, the trilogy is over and we can all bid adieu to Michael Bay. Let’s hope he goes out with a bang.


Transformers 3 footage from accident site

Transformers Dark of the moon gabriella cedillo footage

"A BEAR in his aprtment???"

Well it appears that the footage from Gabriela Cedillo’s accident site is indeed making it into the film. I just saw this trailer today which features a clip of dog-like dreads running down the highway where Miss Cedillo’s car was hit by a piece of debris, in fact, the footage might be of the actual stunt that caused the accident!

You can tell it’s the same site down in Hammond, Indiana due to the large white receptacle tanks that are on the sides of the highway. See my footage below:


Mirage’s robot mode revealed in latest Dark of the Moon trailer cut

Transformers DOTM Mirage robot


Check out the crab monster!


Is Soundwave really the Mercedes AMG in Transformers 3? Michael Bay lies to his forum.

Transformers 3 Dark of the moon soundwave as the mercedes

Here is the correct Mercedes Car, which is obviously soundwave based on the game image below

This article has some mistakes in it due to me confusing the blue Mercedes as the AMG, which is in actuality the silver Gull-wing Mercedes driven by Carly. It would appear that Soundwave is conducting some hardcore under cover work is she is actually driving him around!!! Really cool!

Is Soundwave really the blue mercedes?

That stunt driver could've at least worn a better Frenzy or Rumble costume, sheesh.

Hasbro updated their website recently with a ton of character bio information and imagery for the upcoming live action film. Of note is Soundwave’s page which indicates that his alternate mode is a Mercedes AMG.  This car was speculated to be Wheeljack (or at least an Autobot) due to his blue color in the IDW comic previews that have been coming out.  Some had speculated that this vehicle was Soundwave but then we were told it WAS DEFINITELY NOT SOUNDWAVE by Michael Bay.  So who do we believe? (In Bay’s defense, he was asked about the White “Mercedes” which was actually a Maybach, not the blue one.)

Apparently we aren’t wanted to believe the Mercedes is Soundwave because the bio I linked to above has been ALTERED and Soundwave’s alt mode is now listed as a satellite again!  hahaha!  That’s hilarious!

Hasbro alters Soundwave's bio a day later

One day later, the information for Soundwave's alternate mode has been changed to Satellite

Not only that, today ANOTHER image of Soundwave’s robot form was revealed via some Dark of the Moon video game reviews.  Check it out below.

Transformers Dark of the Moon Soundwave video game

Looking' pretty white there, blue guy.

After reading some reviews of the Soundwave level (during which Laserbeak is playable via some sort of tagteam mode), it is indicated that Soundwave transforms into “some sort of truck.” How strange… hey WAIT! Didn’t they originally want Soundwave to be…

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen concept art for Soundwave as a truck

Trukk not satellite! And who is HPG anyway?

So there you have it. What is Soundwave actually going to be? His alternate form has been a headache for the franchise since the Generation 1 days so this bit of confusion does not surprise long time fans. We do know for sure that a Human Alliance figure is on its way for Soundwave in the Dark of the Moon toyline, so he will most likely be the Benz or the pick-up truck, but I think we can all agree the Benzo will a bit more sexy. Either way, the suspense is killin’ this Collecticon! Come on Big Blue, let’s see if you end up outliving Sneaky Starscream!!


What you may have missed in the latest Transformers 3 trailer – Wheeljack, Mirage, Skids, Mudflap, Crankcase and more

Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon autobots in hanger

I spy with my little eye, two little shit heads!

After yesterday’s reveal of the Transformers Dark of the Moon trailer, it’s time to dissect every little morsel and see what we can see. If you look at the image above, you will see some significant information. First off, you can see Mirage (Ferarri). After that we see Sideswipe (Corvette), Wheeljack (blue car), and THE TWINS!!!!  I have no idea why Bay seems so adamant about telling us the twins are not in the movie.  It’s just silly.  Also in this scene will be Ratchet, Ironhide, and Optimus Prime.  So where is Bumblebee?

Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon Dreads and Crankcase

Yay, more legions of nameless Decepticons

Here we have an enormous amount of Decepticons waking up on the moon. Why are they there? I’m sure there will be absolutely zero explanation for such a ridiculous occurrence. The Autobot Ark crashed there and is on the surface but there are thousands of Decepticons and their warships laying dormant. Really cool… what in the hell is going on here? Regardless, that is the face of the very buglike Crankcase (or The Dreads), which turns into the black lifted SUV’s seen on set and crashing into Ironhide in the trailer. Ole bug-eyes wants to eat you!

Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon shockwave and octopus

Looks like someone just killed his pet octopus, and he is all out of bubblegum

Of course we finally have Shockwave and his pet Octopus. In this very brief look at ol’ One-Eye, he is seen cocking his incredibly large cannon attached to his right arm. Generation 1 fans will be quick to note that it should be on his LEFT ARM, damn you design team! He is looking down LaSalle street after what I am surmising to be the destruction of the titanic robotic hydra worm, which I am dubbing the Wormy Durmy. There is some sort of hint at the identity or origin of the Wormy Durmy in one of the preview comics but I simply don’t care enough to look yet. Shockwave looks pretty mean! I hope he keeps his cold logic versus being portrayed as an angry scary brute. His simplistic nature is what makes him so chilling.

Transformers 3 jetwing Optimus Prime kicks ass Decepticons

Here he comes to save the daaaay! But from who exactly?

In this little scene, which we saw in the last trailer, we can see a variety of old Decepticons including a Brown Brawl, Barricade lookalike, and Long Haul lookalike. Prime blasts Longhaul after landing, stabs and slams Barricade to the ground, and appears to slice Brawl right in half. That leaves just some random Decepticons and Shockwave left on the upper side of Wacker where the scene takes place. So who is going to throw down with Shockers – Optimus or Sentinel??

Transformers 3 Decepticons identified



Transformers 3 trailer – online now!