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Transformers Dark of the Moon screen printed mondo poster

Incredible art for such a wretched traitor (Photo from Jessecuster)

A few weeks ago, I posted about Mondo‘s exceptional Transformers Dark of the Moon limited edition screen printed poster.

I was lucky enough to get one of the last ones and it arrived the other day. First off, there is nothing quite like a perfect screen-printed poster. Mondo does a fabulous job of picking amazing artists to create unique licensed movie posters of movies, new and old, in the vein of rock concert posters. It’s a niche market, but every poster sells out in minutes. I was hoping for an entire series of Transformers posters ala their previous Star Wars series, but in due time…

I was a bit surprised when the poster arrived in such a sturdy tube, only to see the poster had been rolled inside out. I’ve worked in print shops before and we always rolled the prints with the print to the outside. This is not a criticism, as there is not a standard. It’s just my personal preference to have the roll cling towards the wall instead of away. Professional mounting will make this a non-issue though, which I intend to get done to this poster.

The halftones were incredibly sharp and the colors make this very reminiscent of a pinball game my family owns from the 70’s called Magnotron.  I wonder if this was the artist‘s inspiration at all.  It definitely seems probable.

Magnotron pinball

Hey wait a minute...

I’ve had the question posed to me as to whether these new rock-style posters of pop-culture properties will be “the hot collectible” of our generation. It’s definitely a possibility if the quality of such items continues in the vein of Mondo. To those that received the more-readily-available opening night poster, you missed out on the screen-printed version. Thanks again Mondo!