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Alternity Starscream Car Mode Mistuoka Orochi

Alternity Starscream! A jet right? Not this time. Daddy got a new set of wheels. From Mitsuoka Motor Website

A rash of new listings from Big Bad Toy Store today have caused some excitement amongst Transformers collectors. Not only has the ruling on Device Label Blaster been once again overturned (This time they say he’s coming out again.), but new listings for Transformers Alternity figures have appeared.

Whoa partner, did you just say we are getting Alternity Seekers?  This is exciting  in my eyes, because we will finally get a seeker mold that isn’t a jet.  Transformers Alternity is starting to be a really unique line where characters that are recognizable appear in completely different alt-modes.  Transformers Alternators and Binaltech did a bit of this with examples like Ravage and Broadblast, but the only Alternators seekers we ever got were from the hands of talented customizers.

Custom Alternators Starscream

One could only wish - An Alternators Starscream custom created by TFW2005 user Jarrod. Nice "wings!"

Much like the other Alternity releases, this new mold is being sold alongside an alternate paint scheme, but unlike the methods TakaraTomy used to release Alternity Convoy and Alternity Megatron, the second color of figure is a completely new character instead of a redeco of the original character. One can only speculate that there will be a 3rd exclusive version painted blue as Thundercracker…

Mitsuoka White Orochi

The Mitsuoka Orochi in white. This is the car from which Starscream is expected to be based on. As an avid collector of Starscream, I can't say I have a problem with that!

The vehicle itself is a car I was unfamiliar with until today – Mitsuoka Motors’ Okamora Orochi. You can see an expose of photos of the car at the Mitsuoka Motors website.  As one can see, this sleek sports car is incredibly aero-dynamic and will not be something the normal every-day Japanese citizen is zipping around town in.  This is one bad-ass piece of machinery – a perfect fit for the boastful and deadly Decepticon Starscream and his gaggle of clones.

In closing, this is an unexpected and progressive move on the part of TakaraTomy. Being the first line to provide an alternate take on the classic look of the Decepticon Seeker army will give Alternity a place among the collector community and with each new mold we step closer to “The Perfect Transformer.”

Pre-orders for each figure are currently $49.99 at BigBadToyStore

Mitsuoka Motors Okamor Orochi in Purple

Hey there... Streetwarp!