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Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Leader Class Bumblebee leaked photo

A leaked photo for a new leader class Bumblebee appeared this morning on many Transformers websites.

Really?  REALLY?  How annoying is this?  We’ve gotten what has unanimously been hailed as the perfect Bumblebee figure and now it appears we’re all so “thirsty for more BB” that we are getting a 5th leader class figure before the end of the Revenge of the Fallen toyline.

This irks me.

What happened to Ultimate Bumblebee?  It looks like someone forgot the meaning of the word ultimate, but perhaps that was obvious from the beginning since that figure was a piece of $90 crap.  I’ve never seen a more expensive brick in my life… oh wait.

Transformers Ultimate Bumblebee in box

Hey guys! I'm expensive and crappy!

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen ROTF Leader Class Starscream

Oh yeah, now THIS is an amazing toy.Courtesy of

We’ve had some amazing figures in this ROTF line including Leader Class Optimus Prime, Human Alliance Bumblebee, Deluxe Sideswipe, and last but not least, Leader Class Starscream!  The Leader Starscream is unbelievably awesome, I’ve seen it in person.  There are so many things done correctly with that toy, it is hard to name only a few.  But I digress, I think most fans figured that the line’s last leader class mold would be of Starscream.  By the looks of the Bumblebee above, it is not going to be anything mind blowing.  My guess is that it will be an inflated amalgamation of the stunning Human Alliance figure and the bumbling Ultimate version.

So why do this?  Well I’m sure young fans of the movie would love it.  It’s probably a great opportunity to sell more high price-point toys of a well-liked character.  So kudos on that.  But this is a high-end Transformer collector blog.  If I wasn’t questioning this, I wouldn’t be doing my self-imposed job.  It looks like a leader class version of a hardcore fan favorite such as Blackout or Bonecrusher is just not in the cards… yet.

So far, Leader Class Bumblebee should be considered only a rumor, but that photograph at the top of this post came from somewhere.  I guess I’ll just bide my time like the rest and feel a bit smited for even pretending Ultimate Bumblebee was worth looking at, let alone actually purchasing.