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A screenshot from the new trailer featuring TRYPTICON, courtesty of

Yup, there it is. A new trailer with some extended scenes depicting what appears to be Starscream or possibly Skywarp, Megatron with an energy mace melee weapon, and an overdue redesign of Trypticon as the ying to the Autobots yang of Omega Supreme. With impressive energy blasts from each side’s big guy finishing off the trailer, this game promises to be a little bit more intense than we might have been expecting.

So, given the possibility and high probability that these video game designs will see their own toyline, is anyone else excited for a brand new Omega Supreme or Trypticon toy?  We also got a glimpse at an excellent redesign of good ole’ Bumblebee!  Who ever thought that the little twerp would become a real fan favorite after all these years?  All this means to me is another set of toys that fit into my collection scheme.