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This is something I’ve been meaning to get up for over 3 years and I finally realized that if my grandiose vision is ever to come to pass, it needs to start small.  My new years resolution was to get this started and what could be more fitting that starting this site officially on the first day of 2010? So for now, this blog will suffice while I figure out the rest behind the scenes.  I plan to use this as a space to rant, rave, and reveal my plans regarding the Transformers franchise as a whole.

Before we begin, I will at least let you in on a few tidbits of information.  I have been a Transformers fan since my very early childhood.  I was the target audience for the franchise in the early 80’s and I often share stories of which toys I got for which birthdays.  I am very much a fan of all types of Transformers, I am not just a “gee-wunner”.  I have a variety of collection methods and goals, of which I plan to discuss thoroughly with you. I am an active participant online at,, and

I accept the new movies as a “necessary evil” and treat them as a bit of a social experiment.  Will these movies result in the same rapid fanbase 20 years from now that the original cartoon did?  Will the figures from this era ever reach the types of prices that the ones from the 80’s have?  Will the value of original Transformers be lowered as the nostalgia factor lessens and be replaced with the movie era toys?  These are all questions that I legitimately want to know the answer to, or at least discuss with like-minded people.  I hope to engage any audience I may amass during this site’s run in these types of serious discussions regarding everyone’s favorite toys.  So as “serious” as we are going to get, we do need to remember this is a hobby and they are just fun plastic toys.  Even thought one may be willing to spend over $1000 on one of these figures, one must never forget that it is just a toy and the value is completely synthetic.  This blog will tackle any type of questions regarding these “toxic assets” that begin to overflow from our displays and into our living rooms.

I also want to discuss what makes a collection ok and what makes a collection phenomenal. It really just depends how far down the petro rabbit hole you want to go. Let me warn you though, it can get pretty deep.

So thanks for taking a look and enjoy the ride.  I aim to please and never to disappoint.

“Megatron has fallen!  I, Diablien, am now your leader.  Collecticons, follow me!”

Transformers E-hobby Masterpiece MP-1B Black Convoy - Super Black Alternity Convoy - SDCC Alternator Nemesis Prime - Spychanger Scourge - Micron Legend Scourge - Black Robotmasters Convoy - SDCC Universe 2.0 Nemesis Prime