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I try to follow the workings of the Blastard Inc. guys, as they are some of my favorite fan fiction ever. The production quality is ace and it appears that an entirely new project is being started by these guys: Scramble City: Generation 2.

Wheeljack is back to his old self!

To give a little back-story, the guys involved with Blastard are few and they have put out some of the unanimously most-watched and loved Transformers parody videos on Youtube including these classiscs: The Rude Awakening of Optimus Prime, Shockwave’s Burden, and SOS Wheeljack. Some of those videos make me laugh out loud with the accuracy of the script and the errors in the original fiction that they bring to light.  The characterization of Wheeljack has become one of their most outrageously funny calling-cards yet.

So I was pleased to see new clips posted to their Youtube page this morning.  The incredible part discovery is that they are now creating their very own animation instead of rehashing old proprietary animation!  Now these guys can actually get revenue for the amazing work they do.  The potential here is incredible and I am standing right behind them.  It’s also nice to see that the old classic re-hashing of animation can still be seen with the new TFabridged series.  Both groups will be sharing the same voice actors.  This incredible group of talent needs to be given their due, so head on over to their youtube pages and check it all out before you’re late to the party!

3,900,000 views and counting!