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I’m finally awake and ready to go to the event today. As a warning to any new followers or subscribers to this blog’s various outlets, please be prepared for a lot of rapid-fire updates today. I plan on taking a ton of photos and updating on the revelations that we are told today. There may be as many as 200 updates today to the Collecticon twitter account. So what I am saying is, today is not a typical day, and I am not spamming you; I am trying to give you what you actually want!

There is a strong chance that Collecticon will have the fastest and most up-to-date info received from Toy Fair, but since the site is so new, it may fall upon deaf ears.

A little background about what is going on today: Toy Fair is a huge manufacturer and wholesaler event geared towards the toy industry at large.  Hasbro has pulled out from the standard Toy Fair event and has created there own concurrent event at a separate location that is an invite-only press event.  This is what we are attending today.

For now, check out the press release that has been posted to various sites.