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After checking out the bios found on the back of boxes displayed at Toy Fair 2010 this afternoon, I found out that there are some character names that are un-accounted for.

These include ROTF scout Oil Pan and ROTF deluxe Terradive and Tomahawk.

Revenge of the Fallen Jetblade biography text

Capital letters used for an entire word tend to represent character names in Transformer bios. Whether these are new characters that will become toys or not remains to be seen.

If the NEST Alliance toy bios are anything to reference, then these other names should represent other characters intended to come out during the upcoming line of toys. Ironhide’s bio heavily featured Bludgeon while Dirge’s also featured characters that came out in the same line. Deluxe Ironhide’s bio similarily features Hailstorm, who was featured in the Hasbro presentation.

Habro typically divvies out a ton of product info at events like this, but they are wise enough to always keep at least a few figures waiting in the whings.  If Terradive, Tomahawk, or Oil Pan end up gracing our store shelves, you heard it here first!