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Generation 2 Yellow Onslaught Botcon 2010 digibash

Meet my estranged cousin, Banana-hands - complete with Curious George minicon!

There aren’t so many voyager class figures from the classics line that haven’t been repainted to death… We’ve all ready seen the Silverbolt mold used for two very appropriate repaints, Optimus Prime has been redone to death, and what the heck can you repaint Megatron into? There could definitely be another Jetfire repaint in our future but let’s hope not since we just got an awesome redeco from TakaraTomy. Inferno isn’t a bad choice as that mold hasn’t even been reused yet, but Generation 2 Hotspot is pretty much the same deco as Inferno…

So we’re left with Onslaught, which has just been dying for some great potential repaints including Snaptrap, Grimlock, and even Ironhide. Luckily enough, the garrish Generation 2 color scheme strikes again! Enjoy!