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Transformers Generation 2 G2 Teal Grimlock

What was it about the early 90's that made everyone just love TEAL!? - original photos courtesy of

Here’s another mold that has already seen some Botcon love, but Grimlock as Trypticon is a far cry from the zaney color schemes he was given during the G2 era.  In fact, there were three different versions of him, in case you aren’t the learn-ed type.  There was his gray version, the very rare teal version, and the funky dark blue version.  Maybe they were trying to make him look a bit more Godzilla…  We may never know but feast your eyes on the possibilities that arise if Botcon 2010 is invaded by Generation 2!

Ok here he is in blue just in case you think we’ve had a bit too much teal so far on this trip down the rabbit hole.

Transformers Generation 2 G2 Blue Grimlock for botcon 2010 digibash

"Ain't no one get out of here without singin' da blues..." - original photos courtesy of