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Dairycon 2010 lucky draw Pretender Convoy

Now this mold can finally pull Prime's Trailer without garish color scheme faux pas!

Most fans of Transformers have never been to a convention, and if they even dare to venture down that path, they typically take the path more-traveled to Botcon.  Botcon is great and is the officially sanctioned convention by Hasbro, but that is only scratching the surface.  There are plenty of other conventions out there dedicated to transforming robots and one of the most unique year after year is Wisconsin’s Dairycon.

Dairycon 2010 is coming soon, in fact April 9th and 10th to be exact.  You can see more specific info by clicking here.  Dairycon is not a huge convention but it still attracts people in the 100’s.  There are dealers and special events, but one of the biggest draws is turning out to be their special exclusive figures.  More than a few variant and rarity collectors have started to set their sights on acquiring some of these rare and elusive exclusives.

The quality of these figures seems to improve each year and this time they are out-doing themselves with a lucky draw prize figure worthy of any collection: Pretender Convoy.  This is a very unique pretender shell with a huffer-mold figure made up to look like Optimus Prime inside!  Very cool!  The sad part is that this is going to be one rare piece: there is only one being made and it is only available via raffle.  This makes the collector in my blood boil, as I really want that figure and am willing to make the trip to get a one in a 1000 chance to pick it up.  Very good work guys!

Past Dairycon exclusives have been raising in price due to their scarcity and it is a given that no one will ever amass them all.  As a collector, I find this to be very appealing because in the end, each of these early exclusives may be worth their weight in gold.

So although I will be unable to attend, I applaud the continued efforts of the Dairycon staff and I encourage everyone that can to attend.  Enjoy the show and I hope we can get a good look at Pretender Convoy soon enough!

Dairycon 2010 Pretender Convoy inner Robot

He just a 'wittle guy