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According to an “anonymous tip”, has posted a rumor that our upcoming 2010 boxset’s “generation lost” may refer to Generation 2.

This by no means confirms the theme of the set, but Generation 2 definitely was a likely candidate.  I was also hoping for a Diaclone classics mold set or perhaps a Gobots set.  My money is still on Gobots, but Generation 2 is currently leading the pack.  So since we still have absolutely no idea what is really coming down the pipes, let’s engage in some completely rampant speculation as to what we may or may not see.

If you have tried googling ‘Botcon 2010 boxet’ for the past 10 or so months, you will have found this post by a digibasher on named WhiteMocha.  This fan has dilligently taken fun out of Fun Publication’s boxset creative work and done it all himself.  He has restricted himself to a few simple rules based on previous trends in the Botcon boxsets :

  • a box set consisting of mostly deluxes and one to two voyagers/ultras, with a minimum of two remolded heads
  • two souvenir packs containing three deluxes and one voyager/ultra, plus one more remolded head
  • no more than four remolded heads altogether between the box set and attendee figures
  • one deluxe-sized attendee freebie figure
  • all toys that are not currently on the shelves (thinking ahead to 2010, that shouldn’t be a problem with most of these molds)
  • no molds that have previously been used by a Botcon set (this limited my choices considerably)
  • one deluxe-sized mold that is used twice in the set

He has made a multitude of amazing digibashes, some of which may very well be close to what we will actually see.  Let’s take a look at WhiteMocha’s Generation 2 boxset creation:

Botcon 2010 Generation 2 digibash by WhiteMocha

Box set contents - Clench (from Universe Onslaught; remolded head) - Pyro (from Universe Tankor) - Turbofire (from Universe Hound) - Windbreaker (from Energon Downshift; remolded head) - Space Case (from Universe Cyclonus; remolded head)

Botcon 2010 attendee sets Generation 2 WhiteMocha

Attendee Set #1 contents: Skram (from Universe Silverstreak) - Hooligan (from Cybertron Thundercracker) Attendee Set #2 contents: -Jhiaxus (from Universe Powerglide; remolded head) -G2 Sideswipe (from Universe Sideswipe, of course) Souvenir Freebie: Strafe (same remolded Universe Cyclonus as Space Case)

WhiteMocha’s comments on his choices and the set are below:

Obviously, this is a G2-based set. I didn’t end up incorporating Storm’s suggestion of using Rotorstorm, though I think it was a great one; just ran out of figures. It turns out there are actually a great many G2 characters you could get by repainting AEC/Classics molds. I really wanted to get Jhiaxus in here somehow. I know many folks aren’t fond of the Powerglide mold, but I think it works well as the “Seeker on Steroids” described on It left me unable to give Hooligan a remolded head, but I actually think the Thundercracker head works well with the name; it looks like a young punk hooligan. Oh, and the Hooligan and Clench ideas (while I gave them my own spin) were shamelessly borrowed from Blitz’s excellent, similar Botcon digibash thread right here. I hope you don’t mind, Blitz! They were such good ideas I felt they would really work well in a G2 set.

Oh, I know the Targetmasters Frenzy and Firecracker may seem like odd choices. They are based on the G2 Gobot versions of the characters, though, and I thought they worked because of their diminutive size. It’s just a way to squeeze in a few more characters.

There are some great choices here, namely Hooligan and Black Sideswipe.  Those would definitely be the must-haves from this set.  Jhiaxus is also a great mold choice, but I just do not see it being used.  However, some sort of Jhiaxus figure would be needed to get the most out of a Generation 2 themed set.

Some other shoe-in figures would be a teal or blue grimlock, Purple / black / teal Ramjet, White / silver / orange Starscream, and perhaps a Jazz figure from the Prowl mold including a remolded head.

The problem with some of those ideas are that we recently visited many of those characters with the Shattered Glass set.  So it remains to be seen what aspect will be a hold-over for this Botcon set.  Will we see character choices suffer due to over-use in previous sets (ala Starscream, Optimus Prime, Jazz, Bumblebee) or will history repeat itself in order to get mainstream character names into the botcon set again?

Don’t forget that we have actually seen some G2 homages recently including Inferno in Universe and Hooligan in ROTF.

Generation 2 Starscream

I will find my way into EVERY Botcon set somehow!! Follow me!

Generation 2 Action Master Breakdown

Kickin' it old school!

What do I think?  Well I sure would love me some G2 seekers or G2 Stunticons…  Plus, Botcon does seem to have a fetish with Teal G2 Breakdowns…

Of course, time will tell but I expect to start seeing stolen copies of the figures appearing on Ebay ANY MINUTE NOW. Don’t let us down TF illuminati, we’ve been waiting patiently.
( does not condone the stealing of figures from factories in China)