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hasbro Masterpiece Grimlock with his flat teeth

Grimlock's been chompin' on too many planes again! - photo from ACtoys

Masterpiece Grimlock is coming to America. Photos of the finished version of Hasbro’s Masterpiece Grimlock were posted to ACtoys today.

Grimlock eats Thrust in the Transformers series 2 intro

Nom nom nom

However, he has apparently stopped for some dental work and a manicure along the way! Yes, we must lament the loss of more sharp edges in the transfer from Japan to the United States. Much like the Masterpiece Seeker mold, some of the pokey bits and sharp edges have been toned down for the US release by Hasbro. This is not a huge let-down or anything, as import collectors should be used to it by now. I appreciate the fact that this kind of stuff happens because it keeps each toy that much different. Another apparent change is the addition of white and red stripes on the upper shoulders of the robot mode and dino leg mode. It’s hard to tell if these are stickers or tampo-graphed on. Let’s root for tampos.

If the Canadian price is any indication, this version of the Masterpiece Dinobot Commander may be the cheapest yet! With original import prices of over $100 for either version of MP-08, those that waited for the US release may have a happier wallet, but an unhappier Dinobot. It just depends on which is more important to you – sharper plastic or cheaper plastic?

G1 Grimlock vs Diaclone Grimlock teeth comparison

History Repeats: What's next? Transformers halocaust!?! We are doomed!

This change in Grimlock’s dino-grill is just another indication of history repeating itself. When the diaclone version made its way to the US for the Transformers line, the teeth were filed down then too. It’s just one vicious circle of dental work. Let’s hope Big Grimmy was smart enough to have filled out his Hasbro benefits package and got this dental work paid for by the new Obama health care package! One can only hope…

Hasbro Masterpiece Grimlock as seen on the slide from this year's Toy Fair 2010 press event

Looks like everything is just as it was shown!