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PP01 iGear Mini Masterpiece Optimus Prime

iGear - Bending the rules of copyright law to the breaking point!

I recently put my pre-order in for iGear’s miniaturized Masterpiece Optimus Prime mold and crossed my fingers. Originally the company put their feelers out with a “would you buy this?” kind of survey months ago. I, of course, said I’d get this, the black, and the crystal version of these figures. They just look so beautiful next to Masterpiece Grimlock! Now the toy company has put up their very own pre-order page where you can actually PURCHASE the items via Paypal.

I have to say, these items are going to be super cool but for the same price as the original full-size Masterpiece Convoy?  It’s going to be a tough sell.  It’s difficult to know what the plastic quality is going to be like on these but I am taking the plunge.  I’ll see how the original G1 version is before I decide whether or not I’ll pick up the others.

For now, check out some new pictures of the items courtesy of iGear at these locations: PP01 Faith Comannder galleryClear Faith Commander gallery

PP01 iGear Mini Masterpiece Convoy vehicle mode


The clear version will not be for everyone, but if these figures really become a hit, you will definitely be glad you picked up this rare variant version!

igear clear mini masterpiece optimus prime convoy

I am clear, therefore I am awesome